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2016/01/27 18:00 UTC

Winner mousesports
Space Soldiers

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mouz vs. SpaceS at Game Show Global

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First game for mouz in the Game Show Global group D, and it should be a fairly easy one. Mouz showed last night how good they are, and although they had a shaky time against HR on Cache CT, they showed their worth on the 2nd game against Dignitas, and also looked good against a decent CPH side.

SpaceS are actually not in the worst form right now. They have looked better ever since they swapped out e1 in place of ngiN, who is a better fragger. They had a poor loss against a weakened Penta side, but looked good in their games against Vexed and nEophye, and completely destroyed Fsid3 in one of their maps too.

I can see SpaceS getting a map off mouz if they underestimate them, and if they play Cobble, the Turkish side have a decent enough chance of taking it. I don’t feel like mouz will fear any map, and probably let this map through. Overall though, these are the kinds of games mouz should be winning, I say should because we have all seen upsets happen before. I would suggest going MED on mouz if the odds improved a bit, as I find it hard to believe they will lose 2 maps here.

My odds for this match: mousesports 70:30 Space Soldiers


Mousesports had a decent run at Dreamhack. They nearly managed to take down Astralis but looked completely off against Dignitas. Yesterday was the rematch of Dignitas vs Mousesports and we’ve all seen that Mousesports are simply way better online. Diggy had nothing to bring, Mousesports won the BO3 2-0. After that they had to play against CPH and they completely annihilated them. Mousesports won once again with ease, 2-0 and managed to qualify for IEM Katowice 2016. All in all; Mousesports are on a good run since 2016.


SpaceS have had some decent results back in December but they only played 1 match so far in 2016 which was against Penta. They lost this match in a BO3 2-1. Cobblestone was one of the maps and this was the SpaceS’s pick as well but they lost it, they did manage to win Penta’s pick (Dust2) but the 3rd map Cache went once again in Penta’s favour 16-14. SpaceS are a team who can beat tier2 teams, but not TOP tier 2 teams like Dignitas, Flipside, Hellraisers, Mousesports, ex-Titan.


Like I said, SpaceS can upset tier2 teams but not teams like Mousesports. I just can’t see Mousesports losing two maps straight here. I think Mousesports are going to win this easily. Worst case scenario they drop only 1 map.


I will personally double max on Mousesports here. If you have a maxbet, then this is the match for you to drop it on.  For the people who have no maxbet; when the odds get over 90% then skip. If they stay below 90% then just go with a high bet.

Thanks for reading and good luck with your bet!

My odds for this match: mousesports 80:20 Space Soldiers


Mouz is a tricky team to call for the most part, especially due to recent events. They obviously got rid of Gob B very recently, and have installed Niko to call, which I’ve said multiple times, I’m not a fan at all. First of all, because most of the time he simply carries Mouz with his fragging ability, and it is known amongst IGL’s that their fragging abilities drop heavily to let them concentrate on IGL’ing, I really hope that doesn’t happen for Niko. Also, he is 18, how much experience do you reckon he has? I just feel somebody else should’ve taken the responsibility, Niko is perhaps the last player I’d give it to, but of course what do I know, I don’t practice with these guys, all I see is what you guys see, and that is the opinion I form.  Mouz attended DreamHack Leipzig a week ago, and honestly, for what I was expecting, they did a lot better than I expected. They absolutely demolished Virtus Pro, but yet again VP just performed bad the whole event, and why they would pick Dust2 versus Mouz, I’ll never know.  They should’ve had beaten Astralis, or Ex-TSM on Mirage, however they honestly choked the game, and failed to win some very unlikely clutches for Astralis.

So overall I can’t really fault Mouz much right now, they are playing well, very well and I mean, as long as that keeps going, keep Niko as the IGL, I don’t know. With Mouz I just feel that their major trio, Nex, Niko and ChrisJ have to be on point. There is always a tendency of one or two falling off a lot, and kinda holding Mouz behind. Consistency is these guys worst enemy, so be careful if you are going to be betting here. Of course they are playing SpaceSoldiers, and to be completely honest to them, they wouldn’t necessarily need heavy strats to pull out here. As long as the players are on point, and Xantares isn’t pulling 40 bombs a map, they should take this BO3.


So I don’t watch too many games with SpaceSoldiers, however the ones I have watched, they have a very specific player, you all might probably know who, but Xantares can be nutty at times man. He definitely I feel is a step or two above the rest of his team, in the fragging department at least. It’s painful to watch at times, he is hard carrying and still losses. Of course this does not happen every single game, the guy is a human too and can’t produce constant 30’s, but still – Xantares will be instrumental here for SpaceSoldiers, he’ll need to be on fire to really get anything out of this, and of course have the backup of the rest of his teammates. SpaceSoldiers are not too shabby, not too bad at all to be honest. They in my eyes are an okayish tier 2 team, and have had some impressive results in the past. I just don’t think right now, in the form that Mouz is in that SpaceSoldiers are able to take two maps away from MouseSports. I feel like they have the potential to get a single map, especially if Xantares can just burst out hot, however eh, unlikely.


So overall, I feel like in a BO3, Mouz should be able to take this rather convincingly. I can see SpaceSoldiers squeeze out a single map, so perhaps you could make a Fanobet bet for SpaceSoldiers to win at least one map, which the odds aren’t too bad for, 2.70. Odds on Lounge are 13% for SpaceSoldiers right now, and unless you’ve got a huge inventory, doing anything but maxbetting here does nothing for you – And this game is not maxbet standard. Like I said about Winterfox, sure Mouz should in theory win, however I would not trust them, they are quite inconsistent and definitely don’t deserve 90% here. Honestly I will just skip this and recommend doing the same. Don’t necessarily see SpaceSoldiers upsetting, however don’t feel confident betting on Mouz either, especially since the odds are so bad, the risk – reward is not worth it, at all. Recommend to skip here honestly.


Honestly, just skip this. There is better fish out there on CSGOLounge than this one. SpaceSoldiers are not horrible, they can upset this, but that will come down more to Mouz than them. Mouz is quite inconsistent, so that is what is holding me back. They’ve lost to worse teams before, quite recently too, Team X or whatever for the Katowice Qualifier. If the odds would be better, closer to 25% for Spacesoldiers, I’d bet, but with the odds getting worse and worse, now towards 13% for Spacesoldiers, I just do not see a point betting.

My odds = 75-25 Mouz

My risk = Medium

My bet  = Skip

My advice = Skip




My odds for this match: mousesports 75:25 Space Soldiers


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