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2016/01/19 18:00 UTC

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Space Soldiers
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Space Soldiers

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mouz vs. SpaceS at Game Show Global Predictions

mousesports are the clear favorites coming into this match, their recent results are quite impressive despite the roster change in which they replaced their in game leader with an insane frag machine, I like this change as gob b was quite bad when it came to fragging and his calls were not that good, Spiidi on the other hand, is probably one of the best german speaking players and getting him into the team was a great move by the organisation. Space Soldiers also had a small roster change, they cut e1 and signed ngiN instead, I’m not a big fan of this changed as I feel like e1 was just better individually and Space Soldiers had an amazing chemistry, now they have to get used to the new player, roles and such.

Looking at the results, mousesports performed way better in the recent weeks, they managed to take down a couple of very strong teams such as CSGL, DenDD and SK Gaming, tied against HellRaisers, LDLC.White and DenDD and lost against CSGL, pretty impressive results considering they pretty much played without strats in these matches, mousesports still need to adapt to their new in game leader which is NiKo as far as I know.

Space Soldiers are quite inconsistent and their results are not good at all, the only teams they beat recently were Vexed and few lower teams such as eSuba, nEophyte, OnlineBOTS and a couple more, they also managed to take a map off of PENTA and FlipSid3, but their performance was pretty bad overall. I feel like Space Soldiers are nowhere near the level of mousesports and I don’t see them winning this series, there is a possbility of an upset, very unlikely to happen though.

My odds for this match: mousesports 75:25 Space Soldiers

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Space Soldiers
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