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2015/12/03 18:00 UTC

Winner Na’Vi

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Na’Vi vs. EnVyUs at Starseries

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So today we’re looking at the CIS gods vs EnVyUs, a team most would consider the best team in the world. Let’s jump into it.
The Frenchies have been doing pretty bad lately, losing to LG and NIP on LAN at DreamHack, and going down to F3 in a BO3 before that. Something is obviously wrong, and since cluj they have been going pretty downhill.
Na’Vi have looked on fire ever cluj, where they lost to nV in the finals. At IEM they took down TSM in the finals 2-0, and in that form were unstoppable. Since then they’ve had okay results, losing a close 2-1 vs Dignitas and beating Titan 2-0, though the scores were a bit close.
Head to Head
When these teams compete, especially in a BO3 like this, Na’Vi have a leg up in ways. Part of nV’s new hype in kennyS is shut down by Guardian, the best awper in the world right now. And just like nV Na’Vi have amazing fraggers, bar zeus for the most part. And not only is Guardian insane on the awp, he can rifle great too.
Probably the most important thing to consider between these two teams and why I favor Na’Vi.
EnVyUs will either ban overpass ( their go to veto) or mirage. Whichever one they don’t is what Na’Vi will pick.
Na’Vi will ban cache for sure. Even though Na’Vi are good on cbbl, nV love to pick it and will probably grab that as their pick.
Next Na’Vi will look to ban inferno, while nV have to pick between Dust2 or train. I’d say they’ll go with Dust2.
Any way it happens, Na’Vi get almost an insta map with their first pick, and are honestly favored in the current form of nV on the rest of the maps played, whether that last map is D2 or train it doesn’t really matter.
Overall Thoughts
This is a great underdog game. nV are slumping and Na’Vi are playing pretty good. Considering the fact that the maps also favor Na’Vi I don’t see any way around betting on them.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 60:40 EnVyUs

Navi against another French side here, and the best bet is to purely play the odds again. These are two sides with very different play styles that on their day, can be very similar. The main issue is sometimes they can look really poor, and lose games they should win. The overall skill of nV is superior, but they have barely been playing lately, and their last outing was nothing something to marvel about.


Starseries is just about the biggest event in the CIS region and there is no way Navi will take this game lightly. Their game last night against Titan, was pretty convincing to be honest. They could of lost Train if not for some marvellous play from Edward, but Dust2 they looked good. Some of their players still seemed a little sloppy, but that sloppiness sometimes shouldn’t be punished THAT hard by nV, as they too can fall to this problem.

Let’s look at the profiles for the Navi boys:

flamie: 71.9 hours in the last 2 weeks

seized: 71.2 hours in the last 2 weeks

Zeus: 99.3 hours in the last 2 weeks

Unfortunately the last 2 members profiles are private. Judging by this though, they have been playing a LOT. I can see the maps being the same 2 as the ones tonight, with D2 and Train coming out. GuardiaN is going to need to be on his game if Navi are to do anything in this match, and hope for the inconsistent Envy to rear their ugly heard.


They honestly seem like a team that has not much motivation at the moment. Before the last event, they had barely any hours played, and it really showed. Since then I was expecting a reaction, but from checking their profiles, they have still barely played. 2 of their players seem more concerned with playing dota than cs, and it’s no wonder they are struggling against sides such as Vexed.

Looking at the hours played, remember this is for Steam games completely, not just CS:

kio: 33.7 hours in the last 2 weeks

NBK: 27.1 hours in the last 2 weeks

Happy: 85.7 hours in the last 2 weeks (majority on DOTA)

kennyS: 38.5 hours in the last 2 weeks

apEX: 79.4 hours in the last 2 weeks

Apex seems to be the only one really concerned with playing a lot of CS, and this is worrying for me. Because their play style is loose and random, they can often get away with not much practice as they use their individual skill to pull them through a lot of matches. This doesn’t always work, hence the issues they have from time to time.

Final Thoughts

Right now the most sensible thing to do is to play the odds. Navi have been in good form, and with this game being a 50-50, and seemingly meaning a lot more to Navi than the French side, the most logical thing to do is go LOW on Navi, play the odds, and hope for some GuardiaN magic. The odds on CSGL are currently 61-39 in favour of Envy, so going LOW on Navi is the most sensible thing.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 50:50 EnVyUs


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