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Counter Pit League

Best Of 3
2016/03/17 15:30 UTC

Winner Na’Vi

Na’Vi vs. FSid3 at Counter Pit League

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Flipside are a team that have made a lot of improvement lately, and have actually impressed me. It has been said that Shara suffers from LAN nerves, which can be a problem, but he is relatively inexperienced. The more events he attends, the better this should become. Both sides have similar play styles. They like to play slow and methodical, waiting for the other side to make a mistake. This will be a really slow encounter that heavily favours Navi. I thoroughly expect Navi to take this game, but 9% odds is just ludicrous for Flipside, when they have actually been good lately, and have been improving. Blade is a good IGL, and he will know exactly what to expect from Navi. If a couple of the guys are off, perhaps FS can make a game of it. I highly doubt it, but at these odds you would be mad to go on Navi. ICB on FS.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 75:25 FSid3


This match is I think the one with the most upset potential for tomorrow. Flipsid3 are a team that I think are often times underestimated, they can be a really decent tier 2 team when they want to be it, with Bondik and WOrldedit in particular, however that does not happen all the time. Both of these teams are majority Ukranian and play the same playstyle, so I can assure you that they both know much about eachother so these domestic rivalries tend to be really scary. I was watching Zeus’s vlog about this tournament yesterday and he basically said that they are more concentrated on the major and of course, everyone is and that they will use this event to kinda see where they stand at, what needs to be fixed and what not, so be careful once again. He said that all of the guys have raised their individual level the past few weeks so that should help them here. I do not think Na’Vi will show much here as they are preparing for the major as I said, however should still win. Flipsid3 are also attending the major, however unsure how much they will hide as their chances of winning the major are not too big. Overall, 80-20 in favor of Na’Vi here.


10% on Na’Vi here if they are below 90%, otherwise ICB on Flipsid3 here.

My odds – 80-20 Na’Vi

My risk = Medium

My bet = 10% Na’Vi if below 90%, otherwise ICB F3/Skip

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 80:20 FSid3

Option 1Bet Na’Vi if odds 90% or less

Medium (10%)

medium risk

Option 3Skip


Don't waste money on this match.


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