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2015/12/11 02:35 UTC

Winner Na’Vi

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Na’Vi vs. LG at ESL

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Both teams have been playing very well lately. This should be a very close match, and the best thing to do is going low on whoever has less than 50%. Right now that is LG.

Luminosity recently got their new roster in which Taco and fnx were added, and according to Fallen it’s their dream team. Their results say the same thing, as they came second in Faceit just barely losing to Fnatic. To get to the final they beat TSM, NiP, and Envyus all 2-1 which is extremely impressive considering they only had their lineup for less than a week before the Lan. They haven’t played in a bit, so they’ve had a lot of time to practice. If they can come second behind Fnatic with barely any practice, it’s scary to think what they could do with a week or two of playing. Last time they played each other was with the old LG lineup, and while Na’Vi won 2-0 it should have easily been 2-0 LG. If LG can nearly beat them with their old lineup, they most certainly have a chance with their new one.

Na’Vi have actually been doing really well too. They recently actually won IEM San Jose by beating TSM 2-0, which was a huge feat. Their online results since then haven’t been very good, but usually most teams online results go out the window as soon as they go on Lan. Compared to the online matches they will be taking this very seriously, and will certainly play well. As for player highlights I obviously have to go with GuardiaN, but Flamie has been putting up some good numbers too. I’ve always liked Flamie, and he’s a player that just has really great aim and game sense. Guardian in my opinion is the best awper in the world, and I even thought that before Cluj-Napoca. He carries Na’Vi a lot of matches, and for LG their main goal will be to kill him early.

This should be close. LG’s new lineup is doing amazing, and Na’Vi have also been putting up some really good results. The best option is to just go low on whoever has less than 50%, and right now that is Luminosity. Good luck!


My odds for this match: Na’Vi 50:50 Luminosity


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