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2016/04/01 16:00 UTC

Winner Na’Vi

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Na’Vi vs. NiP at MLG

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This is going to be really tough for NiP here. I think that it definitely is possible, however NiP has not been impressing me all too much at all, historically they have struggled versus NaVi too, so things not looking the brightest for them here. The fact that Threat is standing in here does not help the situation, even tho he did do well versus Mouz yesterday, I do not think he will have a repeat performance and you will need Get Right, F0rest and Friberg going up big here for them to stand a chance, but more so heavily depend on Na’Vi just not firing their shots, which I think that Na’Vi are heavily determined to show themselves in full effect here and will not be dropping here, however it is CSGO so got to respect NiP’s chances. Overall, Na’Vi really should be winning this, however NiP is NiP, gotta play the odds here. 70-30 in favor of NaVi


5% Na’Vi if below 73%, otherwise 2% NiP here in the hopes of an upset

My odds = 70-30 Na’Vi

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Na’Vi if below 77%, otherwise 2% NiP

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 70:30 NiP

Option 1Bet Na’Vi if odds 77% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

Navi had a hard time at Katowice, did a bit better at CounterPit and are even doing better here at MLG Columbus. Usually Navi is all about GuardiaN and Flamie but surprisingly, it has been Edward who really stepped up for Navi, flamie still does his job but when even Edward starts fragging, Navi can actually win this major. They are looking extremely good and the way Fnatic are playing right now, Navi surely have a chance. The only thing Navi still needs, is GuardiaN to wake up, he’s still struggling and really needs to just wake up.

NiP surprised most of us but honestly, they didn’t surprise me. When NiP plays on a major, then you’re gonna have to hold on to one fact; NiP ALWAYS makes out of the groups, not matter how, they do it. NiP didn’t really play that good so far, they beat FlipSid3 and Mousesports but neither of these teams are tier1 teams and yet they struggled. Friberg, and even f0rest seem a bit off, I haven’t really seen f0rest having a master performance yet at this major. The guy who really stepped up for NiP so far has been GeT_RiGhT, he’s playing insane and if only f0rest can perform like a god as well, then NiP can actually do damage even tho with THREAT still playing.

It is going to be a BO3 and Navi are so much better than both  FlipSid3 and Mousesports, I just don’t really know how NiP want to win here. If NiP played with Pyth, then I would have give them a bit of a chance but right now with THREAT … he just seems to be struggling a lot, he’s making some insane calls and single handedly out-called NiKo. Now he’s gonna have to out-call Starix, and I don’t see that happening, Starix is extremely smart. Overall I think that this will be a straight up 2-0 to Navi, they are well prepared and really want to just win this major. The only thing that stops me from betting are the odds, Navi should win but don’t deserve 82% and I don’t think placing a low bet on NiP is worth it either so for now, if the odds get a bit lower then we might go for Navi but if the odds stay as they are, then either place an ICB on NiP or just skip.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 75:25 NiP

Option 1Bet Na’Vi if odds 80% or less

Medium (8%)

high risk

I feel like Navi are the 2nd best team right now, in an upward spiral and have 2 of the top 5 players in their ranks. NiP are a top side finding their feet and form again, and this will be a test to see how far they have come so far. I don’t thin that in this current state, NiP will be able to win this. Their map pool compared to that of Navi’s is not strong enough yet, and NiP need a few more months building things up to take down someone like a Navi in a BO3. With threat as well, they are obviously weakened, and although he has done well, especially against mouz, this is a lot different today, and Navi are for sure a few steps up. NiP struggled in some parts against mouz, and Navi won’t be as forgiving, and I cannot see past Navi taking this game.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 70:30 NiP


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