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2015/12/02 21:00 UTC

Winner Na’Vi

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Na’Vi vs. Titan at Starseries

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Starseries is just about the biggest event in the CIS region and there is no way Navi will want to let this one slip away. They recently came back from winning an event, where they looked shaky to begin with, and then GuardiaN happened. He was on form, and honestly played amazing. When the others step up too, they are a force to be reckoned with. They looked poor last night against Dignitas, and even lost a game on maps that were favourable to them. They come into this game needing a win against a Titan side that are determined to make their mark.

Let’s look at the profiles for the Navi boys:

flamie: 70.7 hours in the last 2 weeks

seized: 68.9 hours in the last 2 weeks

Zeus: 98 hours in the last 2 weeks

Unfortunately the last 2 members profiles are private. Judging by this though, they have been playing a LOT. The Dignitas match in all honesty, was not the most important game for them, the prize money for that cup was not even close to the amount on offer at this. They will most likely try and get maps such as D2 and Train, with the first one being a map that Titan also favours, so there is a good chance this will be played.


The Titan boys have not played many officials lately, but have been quietly working on things. The last times we saw them were a win against dignitas 2 weeks ago, and a heavy loss against NiP. Perhaps the best idea would be to see how much they have played the last 2 weeks since these games, to get a clear indication of how much practice they have been putting in.

SmithZz: 65.1 hours in the last 2 weeks

shox: 60.2 hours in the last 2 weeks

RpK: 51.8 hours in the last 2 weeks

Again, the remaining profiles are private. The hours indicate they have been playing a fair amount. If all of this time was spent as a team together playing or working on things, if you just took RpK as an example, he has played 3.5 hours a day for the whole 2 weeks. This a fair amount if you knock off the days for weekends/other various things.

Final Thoughts

I think the real odds for this game are about right, with them being 60-40, but if I had to pick one to bet on, right now I would pick Navi. The main reasons for this being, their current form (if you ignore the Dig game), their hours played, and the importance of this game for CIS teams. If the odds stay below 65%, I would recommend going LOW on Navi. If they move too much the best advise is to SKIP or go ICB on Titan.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 60:40 Titan


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