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2016/02/17 20:05 UTC

Winner Na’Vi

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Na’Vi vs. VP at ESL

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Most has been said about these two teams in the earlier analysis, this BO1 will be on Cobblestone and last time Na’Vi played Cobblestone they got stomped by SK with 1 round on their T side (1:14), they did manage to get 6 CT rounds to make the score look a bit better, 16:7 but that doesn’t change the fact that they got stomped. Overall, Na’Vi are a really good Cobblestone team and SK was as well, VP rely on their T side and don’t exactly have a good CT side on this map. I expect Na’Vi to take this one as well, they are the better team currently and definitely better on Cobblestone. Let’s go with a medium bet on Na’Vi. 10% of your inventory.

Pick: Na’Vi

Bet: Medium on Na’Vi (10% of your inventory)

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 65:35 VP

Slightly riskier BO1 here as the map is Cobble and I do remember the odd time where Navi choked on this map, the other day against SK they were incredibly poor, and I remember a game against Penta where they lost as well. VP are not the best Cobble side in the world, and if they take a stomping on the first map, I can see them losing this one too.

The only saving grace is that Navi are not practicing at all right now, they are merely playing their officials then going off, so I do expect them to be rusty on this map. I am sure VP have been preparing for this match as they really need to turn things around. Because of the map being a slightly closer one, for this game I would suggest only going LOW on Navi.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 60:40 VP


So obviously Virtus Pro are in quite a dire situation right now, or well form fits better there. Snax is having the worst year of his career so far, and since he is so instrumental to the team, it reflects on the teams results. The whole team in general is not performing. The thing is, this is still Virtus Pro, they know how the game is played, or well supposedly do, and they can show up at any time, especially since it is a BO1. Right now they are getting slapped and smashed around by every tier 2 team out there, however they can show up at any given time, so do not count them out here, at all. Cobblestone is a map that I like Na’Vi on more, and in general right now I like Na’Vi more, I do think they are stronger than VP, however don’t take that for granted. Right now VP are going to be bootcamping, TaZ posted a picture about the bootcamp yesterday on Instagram if anyone of you wants to check that out. Them all being together I feel will benefit them, and especially since they are playing the game, just can not count them out here. 63-37 in favor of Na’Vi here. Really high risk game, be careful.


Simply going to play the odds here with a low bet, really high risk game. Going 5% on Na’Vi unless they are above 69%, in which case I will drop 2-3% on Virtus Pro here. Really high risk game so be careful here, and low bets only.

My odds = 63-37 Na’Vi

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Na’Vi if under 69%, otherwise 2-3% VP

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 63:37 VP


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