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Operation Kinguin

Best Of 3
2016/02/09 18:00 UTC

Winner Space Soldiers
Space Soldiers

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nEophyte vs. SpaceS at Operation Kinguin

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Neophyte have only just recently come home from a LAN that went by the name “Płońsk eSports Challenge”. The LAN offered around $4,000 worth of cash and Neophyte made it to the grand finals by defeating the Polish ‘ezkatka’ 2-0 in a relatively one sided match. Neophyte was the team that got defeated in the grand finals though, as they fell 0-3 to Refuse on Mirage, Cache and Inferno.

Neophyte are changing their lineup fairly regularly is what I can see. They have played one match prior to attending this LAN and that was against EU4IA where Neophyte lost 0-2. They have had their core 3 players for a while now, with that being barb1, queztone and DEV7L. The two new faces are azak and KAPARZO.

Space Soldiers

These guys right here have a nutty player by the name ‘XANTARES’. He is a young talent and at just 20 years old, he has turned some heads. He is known for carrying the team and having insane performances a lot of the matches he plays. He’s definitely turned a lot of heads and when he’s playing on point, winning will be a chore for the opponent.

Space Soliders have had just one roster change in the history of their making back in the middle of 2015. e1 was part of the original roster but he has since been replaced by “ngiN” who has been playing with the rest of the team since early December in 2015.

This year hasn’t been so great for SpaceS though. Out of the 4 games they’ve played, they have yet to win any of them. They have had losses to (in order from time) Tricked, ex-Titan, Mouz and Penta. They did however manage to take a map off Penta and ex-Titan when they played though.


Neophyte has never beaten SpaceS, and out of the 4 encounters they’ve had, SpaceS has only let one map go to Neophyte.

Final thoughts and advice

With SpaceS not doing so well this year and Neophyte coming home from a LAN that happened 2 days ago also with a new lineup it does make me a bit tentative to bet on this match. I do think SpaceS will win but I most likely won’t bet on this because 1) I’m not 100% sure and 2) Odds.

My odds for this match: nEophyte 40:60 Space Soldiers


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