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Quickshot Arena

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2015/12/09 17:00 UTC

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nEophyte vs. SpaceS at Quickshot Arena Predictions

So right now there is a pretty insane update that changes a lot. The revolver is really broken right now, and overpowered. It’s basically like a shotgun that can be used long range, and there are going to be a lot of odd upsets tomorrow. It’s like a deagle that can be used while defusing, while jumping, and while running. It also nearly does the damage of an awp. This will be used a lot tomorrow, and every game should be a mess. There was also a new update to the rifles that makes the spray not as good, and that should mess up a lot of players. Finally, the round times and bomb timers have been changed.

So I’m going to try and ignore the update for this, which will be kind of hard considering how irritated I am. I kind of want to go on a rant right now. Anyway this match is a BO1, which means the upset potential is even higher. Winning both pistols almost means the match, and pistol rounds are kind of random sometimes. People may be betting on SpaceS because they saw the 2-1 win, but that’s not really the whole story. The game could have easily gone either way. The first map was pretty easy for SS, but the second map was a Neophyte win in double overtime. The third ended 16-14. It was definitely down to the wire, and since this match will be a BO1 it should be just as close.

So again, all matches are kind of coin tosses tomorrow due to the update. However if I were to ignore that update I would still say low on Neophyte. It’s a BO1 so there’s a higher upset potential, and last time they played it was very close. Good luck!

My odds for this match: nEophyte 40:60 Space Soldiers

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