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2016/02/17 22:05 UTC

Winner NiP

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NiP vs. Dignitas at ESL

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Most has been said about this match in the earlier analysis, the map will be Mirage this time and I personally would give Dignitas more of a chance on Mirage than on Train. Mirage is Dignitas’s best map and they’re superior here. I think Mirage favours them quite a bit when it comes to T sides. NiP still have somewhat bad executions on their T side and I expect Dignitas to lock the bombsites on their CT side. We will once again be going low on Dignitas as they are still the underdog.

Pick: Dignitas

Bet: Low on Dignitas (5% of your inventory)


My odds for this match: NiP 40:60 Dignitas

Second map between these two sides will be Mirage, which will in my opinion also be a close game. NiP have had some good performances on this map before, and I know it is a map that pyth feels comfortable on. Both sides don’t have the best AWP’s in the world so the battle for mid control will be an interesting one and this game could be really close.

Overall though, I feel like dig are in a better place right now. They will go into the game feeling comfortable and confident they can take this, and I think it will take more time before we see the real NiP, and they will be using this game more as seeing where they are at more so than a game they feel the most confident taking.

I would suggest following the bet from the previous game, and going LOW on Dig to take this at a HIGH risk.

My odds for this match: NiP 45:55 Dignitas


Alrighty so the second matchup between these two on Lounge, this time the map is Mirage here. Once again this is a map that works really well for both teams. Mirage is a really strong map for Dignitas here, probably their best if we break it down. NiP aren’t pushovers on it either however. Like I said in the previous analysis, not quite sure what to expect from NiP here, they have about 35~ hours more on average than the Dignitas guys on CSGO the past two weeks, which shows they have been putting in the work. We haven’t seen NiP play an official game in quite some time now, the one time we saw the with Pyth was that disappointing loss to Gamers2, or well Titan then, and it was close however so that is that. Dignitas has been on a up rise for quite some time now, and they are definitely putting in the performances, so this is difficult. This being a BO1, it can mostly come down to who is really hitting their shots, wins both pistols perhaps, a clutch which breaks the economy and all that kind of stuff. In close matches like this is where you see that the most often, so be really careful here, really high risk. Overall, this is a 50-50 game for me. Simply going to place a 2-3% low bet on the underdog here.


Really high risk game here, so low bets only please. 2-3% on the underdog for me here.

My odds = 50-50

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% underdog, probably NiP

My advice = 2-3% Underdog.

My odds for this match: NiP 50:50 Dignitas


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