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2016/03/02 18:15 UTC

Winner Na’Vi

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NiP vs. Na’Vi at IEM

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This one is a tough one. Recent history suggests that Na’Vi should be taking, and in general right now I would favor them in this matchup, however not by too much. If you look at past matchups between these two, Na’Vi have come out on top except the most recent match between these two, a week or so ago, however I remember specifically watching that, and basically GuardiaN got ddosed mid-game first half, and since then they just kept losing rounds and losing, then he rejoined and they started picking up the pace a bit, however by then it was waaayy too late, think it was like 13:5 or something when he rejoined. I feel like if you are going to pick a duel here, it has to be F0rest vs GuardiaN. F0rest in recent times, the past few matches NiP has played has been their best player by quite a margin for me, and he has been AWP’ing, if either GuardiaN can shut him down, or F0rest does his thing, it could very much decide who wins the BO1, especially if it is a AWP heavy map. This could really go eitherway, in a BO1 pistols are crucial and just clutch rounds, so be careful here. This is a 60-40 for Na’Vi for me here, I’d expect them to win, however going to be a very close game that’s for sure.


2-3% Na’Vi if under 66%, otherwise 2-3% NiP here, just play the odds.

My odds = 60-40 Na’Vi

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% Na’Vi if under 66%, otherwise 2-3% NiP

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: NiP 40:60 Na’Vi


  • Dust2: 50-50
  • Inferno: 50-50
  • Mirage: 50-50
  • Cache: ?
  • Train: ?
  • Overpass: ?
  • Cobblestone: 60-40 Navi


Just like every single NiP match, I don’t know what maps they like to play and how they play on each map so the map odds will be questionmarks. Both NiP and Navi are looking extremely disappointing, maybe some might have expected this from NiP, but surely not from Navi. Navi are, like I said multiple times, considered a top2 team when it comes to lan but as of right now it just looks really disappointing. They are now playing against Mousesports and they have to win that match, if they manage to win against Mousesports then I think that they might have enough confidence to beat NiP as well.

NiP on the other hand also look really disappointing, like I said, they did have some decent results online but on lan so far, doesn’t look that impressive. They lost to Mousesports but did manage to beat Mongolz without any problems, Nip are known as slow starters so that’s a thing to keep in consideration. They are currently playing against Fnatic on Inferno and I don’t think they will win this so NiP also need this win badly. This is pretty much the deciding match of whoever advances through to the quarter-finals. Overall, I really feel like this is a 50-50, I just don’t know who will win here so I think the best call is to just go for the underdog.

Low (2%) on the underdog

My odds for this match: NiP 50:50 Na’Vi


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