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2016/04/16 21:00 UTC

Winner NiP

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NiP vs. VP at Dreamhack

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This is a really tough one here, you could really argue that either team should be favored here however I am confident most would side with NiP here as form wise they are simply better here, especially online. I have learned time after time after time to not count VP out on LAN’s, ever, take for example even last major. These two teams I am not a fan of, I feel like they are slowly but surely dying in their current state, if I am proven wrong so be it, I’ll be happy however I think that they need to either practice hard, hard, hard or make roster changes, especially on the VP side, NiP is looking decent and I mean have to give Pyth a bigger chance, and there is clear improvement however VP, hmm.. Of course Swedish ground here, so NiP home ground advantage here for however much that accounts for, do I think it makes a massive difference? Not really however confidence wise it is nice having a good few people cheering you on everytime you look up from your monitor. Eitherway I do think that right now, both teams are slowly but surely improving day by day. Not the greatest of matches to bet on at all, however it is what it is. Here I would give it a 50-50, and honestly just low underdog this. Could just be who shows up here, and while I am more inclined that NiP will show up here, eh I’ll just settle at a 50-50, neither team is particularly impressive.


3% Underdog here, not the greatest of matches to bet on however what can you do.

My odds = 50-50

My risk = High

My bet = 3% Underdog

My advice = 3% Underdog.

My odds for this match: NiP 50:50 VP

Option 1Bet NiP if odds 50% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

Hard to call game here between two sides trying to work their way back to their former glory. VP had some good results so far this event. They had a close win over Tstorm, in a game that had lots of close rounds that could have gone either way, but they won the key battles in key moments and came out on top. Their other game against FaZe was a pretty standard win against a side that are clearly still sorting things with Kio.

Going into this game, the veto seems to be pretty straight forward. NiP will for sure remove train, and VP will remove D2. There is a small chance NiP will remove Overpass, but considering Train is the one map VP didn’t seem to lose anything on, and their results are poor on Overpass, I highly doubt that. VP will most likely pick Mirage and NiP will go for Cache, will be a close game, but one NiP should just be favoured on. VP will want to get rid of Inferno, and NiP Overpass with the 3rd map most likely being Cobble. If NiP veto Train, I don’t see any other map that VP are favoured on over NiP, and because of this I would suggest a LOW bet on NiP.

My odds for this match: NiP 60:40 VP

Option 2Bet VP if odds 35% or less

Small (5%)

high risk


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