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2016/02/14 22:00 UTC

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NME vs. OG at IEM

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So obviously Enemy has been really up and down as of recent, which is kinda surprising given their really impressive and risking level of performances a month or so ago. The whole team was seemingly stepping up, and it wasn’t necessarily ”Koosta carry or we lose” type of scenario. Now they kinda have seemed to have dropped off really, dropping a map series here and there, which you would expect them to win. Koosta all of a sudden needs to perform big in games once again, however the team still does obviously charm in which is always good. They dropped to TempoStorm, or GA most recently, won a close first map, demolished the 2nd two, lost a BO1 to NRG, beat NRG in a BO1, lost to RNG, beat RNG, their performances are just all over the place is what I am hinting at here. Obviously Enemy has the potential to be upsetting OpTic here, however they have never beaten them before, at least as far as HLTV goes, and their recent form is not the most of optimistic things to look at either. Obviously Koosta will have to go large here, but the rest of the team, I can’t; stress this enough have to be there to back him up. NME are the underdogs here, it is quite difficult to simply beat a team via 1 player only.


So on the otherside of the coin we have the good old OpTic. I personally could see maybe how this team could work, however I do not necessarily see them being as NA’s biggest force to be reckoned with, and I am a bit more excited for CoL to be honest, but obviously does not mean that they will be the better team. I feel like a some sort of a roster change is needed, like Stanislaw, I am personally not a fan of his performances. He can be hot at times and have good matches, however that is everybody and his general decision making at times makes me question his abilities at times, however what do I know. The team overall seems to be damaged by their inconsistencies. I am a big fan of NAF, when he is on form the guy is an unbelievable player, I haven’t seen him on his prime in some time however, so that’s got me a bit upset, however I know that the potential is there, and he is definitely somebody you should look out for, if he is on form he could tear Enemy apart. Shahzam is probably NA’s biggest hit or miss player, I swear he only plays good when I need him to play poorly, however when he really is feeling it, he can be a deadly presence in the team and has shown that multiple times, I know the Reddits and what not like to take digs at him, and for a good reason however he isn’t a complete waste of space on the server, he can cause big damage if given the AWP. OpTic has not shown the best results either to be honest, we haven’t seen them play too much however when we have, it’s been scraping wins versus AGG most recently, x2 BO1, losing to Winterfox in a BO3, beating NRG, losing to Splyce. Not convincing either, however they are my favorites for this game here.


Honestly, NA CS with two very close matches teams, could go either ways. Neither team looks hot right now, not at all and I have no confidence in either, however I will favor OpTic a bit here, mainly due to the fact that they have beaten NME 5 times in a row in the history of their matches, and that well they are simply considered to be the better team here, historically and both skill wise. NME has to learn to not completely rely on Koosta to carry them throughout games, while they have made good progress, the results are simply not there. OpTic can be good, I’ve seen them play good CS in the past, however the trio of Rush, NAF and Shaz have to be on point here, these three often go missing in games, or just one shows up, and that often is not enough. If you see Daps top fragging, that is a poor sign for OpTic, overall 63-37 OpTic for me here, really high risk game so be careful.


Going to play the odds here simply. Close match, either team could really win so don’t be surprised if an upset happens. Going 2-3% on OpTic as long as they are below 70%, in which scenario I will drop 2-3% on NME here. Recommending doing the same here. No clear winner here, OpTic should come out on top but ehhh, do I trust them? Not at all.

My odds = 63-37 OpTic

My risk = High

My bet = 3% OpTic if under 70%, otherwise 3% NME

My advice = Same as my bet.

My odds for this match: NME 37:63 OpTic Gaming

So here we have the first quarter final of Intel Extreme Masters Season X World Championship – North American Qualifier, Optic are the clear favorites as they were considered as one of the best teams in North America and they are simply better than Enemy, another thing is that Optic have never lost a full series against Enemy so they definitely know how to play against them. Optic haven’t play that many matches lately, in fact, only two and both against the same team – AGG, Optic beat them twice pretty easily.

Enemy didn’t look that hot, they got demolished by Tempo Storm (ex-Games Academy), and traded maps against Renegades and NRG eSports in ESL ESEA Pro League, clearly not the same Enemy we’ve seen few months back during the MLG Americas Minor, they are still doing fine though.

I’m quite worried about this match because I know that Enemy can pull off a nice upset here, but then again, Optic have never lost to them and should be able to take this.

My odds for this match: NME 35:65 OpTic Gaming


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