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2016/02/10 02:00 UTC

Winner Noble

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Noble vs. A.Auth at GO NA

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Noble are the old L1 roster, who I do believe have now added yay to their roster who is a decent player, who was in the old Denial. He will make their roster stronger, and I expect this team could be a semi good side. They seem to be dedicated and practice a lot, which is half the battle and have some skill in their ranks.

Their opponent today is the old AA boys, who have returned for this season with their new roster. Nifty is a good player, and JoshRT has his moments. I watched them play against mOe’s side which they actually won, and they seemed quite organised, more so than I expected. Overall though, their roster is not THAT strong, and if Nifty and JoshRT are off their game I believe they will struggle.

I think this will be a close game, and could easily go all 3 maps. I would give Noble the slight odds as I feel they are a higher skilled team, and have more experience, and that will count in the really key situations. This is still an incredibly tight game, and I would only suggest to go LOW and this is a HIGH risk game. If you want to bet a bit on Fanobet, go Noble to take 1 map, or +2.5 in maps.

My odds for this match: Noble 60:40 A.Auth

Once again since starts so soon, will have to keep this shorter. 



So this Noble lineup isn’t the one with Flom and what not, this is actually the Leader1 guys, minus Focs of course as he got dropped. He has been replaced by a guy by the name of Yay, I do not know too much about him at all, but from what I’ve read he is supposedly an improvement, which I mean is good. Honestly when I look at the lineups here, for me man for man this favors Noble a bit, obviously not too much, however from previous experiences with these guys, Noble just seems more skilled. Virtus is unbelievable when on form, however that form does not come too often, if he can find his shots here, guy is unreal. The Noble lineup, the core of it at least has been together longer than the Astral one, and sure this is a close game, however if it favors either team, it has to be Noble. THey’ve got more chemistry which in a BO3 can matter quite a bit since their map pool is deeper and they are more experienced within the maps of course,but also for me they are the better team individually. Wouldn’t be surprised if A.Auth upset here, however 60-40 in favor of Noble. High risk game so be careful here.


Going to go low, 2-3% on Noble here unless they go above 65%, in which case I’ll drop 2-3% on Astral. Really high risk game, so be careful here.

My odds = 60-40 Noble

My bet = 2-3% Noble if under 65%, otherwise 2-3% Astral

My risk = High

My advice = Same as my bet


My odds for this match: Noble 60:40 A.Auth


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