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Uprise Champions Cup

Best Of 1
2016/02/08 20:00 UTC

Winner DenDD

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NR vs. DenDD at Uprise Champions Cup

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So the UK team is back in full swing. I haven’t seen these guys play too much at all, nor do they have much of a HLTV history, however I did peek an eye on their game versus E-Frag and honestly, they were really impressive, definitely exceeded my expectations for that matchup. They nearly pulled off the upset, they lost some crucial rounds such as being force’d after they won pistol and what not, it was definitely theirs for taking, and overall a good performance by NerdRage. Now, do I think it was more E-Frag playing bad or NerdRage playing well? I think E-Frag just did not show up that day, and like they haven’t recently however credit where it is due. The NerdRage guys definitely seemed to have skill required to somewhat compete with E-Frag, which is a good sign going into it for them here. This is a BO1, so I mean all they have to do is win the pistols, a few clutches and you are on your path to a victory, something that NerdRage should be able to do. I do have NerdRage as my underdogs here for obvious reasons, however I do not want to underestimate them here.


So one of the teams that I really like actually, DenDD. Of course Twist has left them recently to join up with Pronax in Ancient, which is a huge, huuuge blow for DenDD here, as he was by far their best player, a much superior fragger and often carried this team. DenDD are left with a few good players, and they’ve been together for quite some time, however not on the level of Twist. DenDD to me are just like a group of friends who like to play the game together, I do not necessarily see them as a team who grinds out practice sessions and what not, however they are good and are my favorites for this game. They are really inconsistent however, like they could be losing to teams a lot weaker than them, then come out all swinging and make an unreal upset, we’ve seen it plenty of times, however once again, with Twist. DenDD do not seem to be in the best of forms right now, not at all, which is quite worrying however I still think that this is a match they should be winning. Dumas and Zende right now are instrumental to this teams success, and if they can be firing on all cylinders, and Cype and the rest can at least do a worthy contribution, they should be able to come out on top.


Putting everything together, really high risk, if there is anything that this NerdRage teams has, it’s upset potential so I am really wary of that, hence the high risk. DenDD for me are the favorites however, they just on paper, and I’ve seen them so much more than NerdRage, so I’ve got to go with them. I like DenDD, I do feel that if Zende and Dumas are firing on all cylinders, and the rest of the guys are contributing too somewhat, it should be a game to them. You never know with Nerdrage of course, we do not see them too much, I am from Ireland not from the UK, so I don’t have inside information either, however they did look good versus E-Frag, and I mean that’s all I’ve got.  65-35 in favor of DenDD here.


Going to play the odds with a low bet here, given that it is such a high risk game, especially since it’s a BO1. Going to drop 5% on DenDD if they are below 72%, however if they are above it, will drop 2-3% on NerdRage in the hopes of an upset, which I am positively they can achieve, however eh, favor DenDD, and if the odds are good for them, why not.

My odds = 65-35 DenDD

My risk = High

My bet = 5% DenDD if under 72%, otherwise 2-3% NR

My advice = Same as my bet


My odds for this match: NR 35:65 DenDD


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