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AlienTech League

Best Of 2
2016/03/01 22:00 UTC

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NR vs. Imperio at AlienTech League

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This match is kind of hard to predict. We don’t have a lot of Information about Imperio. Imperio is a new team formed with some players from Portugal. We have seen most of them before but not all of them have been in the scene for a long time. Imperio is a mix of players from K1ck(from Portugal), AlienTech and FTW.G2A.

The last form of these players are mostly negative score lines. We haven’t seen them a lot just yet but all of them had recently a ‘bad’ score expect Gax. He had a good score against K1ck(from Portugal) on Inferno ending with 31 kills and only 17 deaths. He literally  carried his team to victory. The other players didn’t impress me at all.

Imperio played 4 matches. All of them were best of 2. They lost 2-0 against Alientech. They played inferno and overpass losing the maps with a 11:16 and 09:16 score. Against Galatics they also lost 2-0. On the maps Cache(13:16) and Inferno(04:16). Imperio managed to took a map from K1ck. Against K1ck they lost Cache(03:16) but manage to win Inferno with a 16:13 score.

We’ve only seen a few maps from them. Inferno, cache and Overpass. This is just not enough to get a clear read on Imperio. However with the stats the players had in a few matches it looks like they are not ready to fight teams from the UK. I know the UK scene is not that big either but on paper it looks like NR should be better.

In the last few matches NR didn’t show anything good. They beat Alientech 2-0 with 16:10 on Cache and 16:03 on Cobble. Besides this victory NR only lost. NR played gBots in a best of 2. Losing 16-00 on Cobble and 16-06 on Train. Against YP they lost a best of 3. A close lose on Cache ending in 19:17 and a lose on dust 2 ending in 16-08. The most recent game of NR was against K1ck(from Spain). It was a lose for NR in a best of 2. They played Cobble(losing 12:16) and Inferno(losing 07:16). The players of NR haven’t had good stats either but lets be honest. They just simply played better teams.

For this match I give NR the edge. It can still be an upset since this scene of CS is just not as stable as tier 1 or tier 2. We have seen these teams play AlienTech both and NR just took a good win against them. I know this is not good to base a bet on but it is the only source we can compare.

NR played ‘stronger’ enemies then Imperio and this should give them the edge. For this match I recommend going low on NR. It might end up in an easy win but like I said before in this scene it can go either way.

A low bet on NR is recommend. If the odds go to high on them >85% a skip is recommended.

Good luck!


My odds for this match: NR 60:40 Imperio


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