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NRG eSports

Counter Pit League

Best Of 2
2016/02/02 00:00 UTC

No Winner Announced
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NRG eSports

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NRG vs. WinterFox at Counter Pit League Predictions

Tricky game here as I feel like it depends a lot on which WFX we get. The majority of their roster is pretty inconsistent, which can cause them issues. I also know they are predictable with their pushes, and if gobb has done his home work, he will know this all too well. Overall though, I feel like NRG are over hyped because of one result against NME. They are a new roster, and their map pool will be weak and I would favour WFX to take this.

As their map pool is weaker, they are less comfortable on more maps, and thus less likely to be able to come out on top in both maps. This is a BO2, so the likeliness for it ending 1-1 are high, which at least means you get your skins back. If I had to bet on one side, I would personally go on WFX as I feel like the odds are off, and this is a lot closer to a 50-50 game, with perhaps even a slight edge to WFX. NRG have had one result vs a poor NME, and perhaps they are a really good side, but we didn’t see enough to go by to say this.

My odds for this match: NRG eSports 50:50 WinterFox

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