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2016/03/23 03:00 UTC

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NRG vs. WinterFox at ESL

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First map is going to be on Train, and this is IMO a 50-50. NRG on Train aren’t necessarily bad but surely aren’t gods on it either, they lost to Cloud9 on it yesterday but I gotta be honest, I was impressed by how they played on this map. They had a fairly decent T and CT side IMO. They did lose the map overall, but just from watching the game it wasn’t really Cloud9 dominating, NRG could have actually taken Train if they won more clutchrounds. Winterfox on Train had some impressive results, most recent win was a 16-10 against Selfless and that isn’t bad at all even though I don’t really like Selfless on Train, WFX had a fairly decent CT hold and managed to get comfortable win.

Like I said, this really feels like a 50-50 match and will come down to the pistolrounds and clutchrounds. Both teams aren’t good nor bad on this map. It could turn out in a stomp to either team but it can also get really close. As of now, I’m gonna go with my own gut and suggest a low bet on NRG. Let’s just hope Winterfox won’t steal our skins again.

My odds for this match: NRG eSports 51:49 WinterFox


First match of the day between these two and it is on Train. Train is not a map that either team really specializes in, so this could get interesting. I rant everytime about Winterfox, however they did 2-0 Complexity yesterday so that is some cheering to do I guess. Of course this is also the map that WFX upset Luminosity on 16:3, however that match was a mess and don’t use it as an extreme indicator here. Overall I like NRG more as a team, I think that Winterfox has a lot of potential, however I’ve been repeating the same phrase for the past few months now to no success, and will not really start believing now all of a sudden. Winterfox has the skill to upset NRG here, however it just depends if they will turn up and not make ridiculously stupid decisions when they play. I do not think I have ever seen a team lose as many high advantage situations as Winterfox, and that is bad. NRG did not look too good versus Cloud9, however understandable since back from LAN, tired and what not. This could come down to who wins pistols and clutch rounds. 55-45 in favor of NRG for me here, and please play the odds here with a low bet.


3% NRG if under 60%, otherwise 3% WFX

My odds = 55-45 NRG

My risk = High

My bet = 3% NRG if under 60%, otherwise 3% WFX

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: NRG eSports 55:45 WinterFox

Option 2Bet WinterFox if odds 40% or less

Small (3%)

high risk

This is the first of 2 matches between these teams tonight and the match is train.

Train I feel is a pretty neutral map for both of these teams, however, looking at their recent results you wouldn’t think so. Winterfox have beaten an in form selfless (granted they aren’t known for their train) and Luminosity in their last 2 matches on train and they also beat NRG late last month on train too.

NRG on the other hand I feel should be strong on train as they’re quite tactically strong but maybe they just need a bit more time to gel yet. They do have 1 decent result on train and that was a 16-10 win over CLG late last month which isn’t too shabby as on their day CLG can be really good on train.

All in all I’m not really too sure why winterfox arent closer to the 50% mark here I mean yes NRG are the better all round team but given the map and the current purple patch winterfox are in it’s a bit of a coin flip. Even though NRG beat nV recently I think that was more nV being bad as opposed to them being particularly good. They looked average at best against c9 last night so I think I will go with a small bet on winterfox if their odds stay below 45%.

My odds for this match: NRG eSports 50:50 WinterFox

Option 2Bet NRG eSports if odds 50% or less
NRG eSports

Small (5%)

high risk

Option 3Skip


Don't waste money on this match.


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