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CS:GO Minor CIS Qualifier

Best Of 1
2015/12/23 18:00 UTC

Winner OneShot

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OB vs. OneShot at CS:GO Minor CIS Qualifier

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Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. This time it will be between OnlineBOTS and OneShot. It is a best of 1 and the map is TBA. This match is an insane risky one so i would skip it. This match is played for the CS:GO Minor CIS Qualifier.

Let me start with OB. Three of there players just stepped down. fejtZ, HS and nuga left them. I could not found out who played instead of them but according to HLTV it will be SamVan, Blacc and Dodz. There is no info on Blacc but i found some info on SamVan. He played with OB before against BX3 and LDLC.Blue. In both matches he had a positive score. These matches were played around 3 weeks ago. There is also some info on Dodz he was on HLTV a few months ago and it was not really promising but i don’t think this info is still worth being called ‘info’.I think without FejtZ, HS and nuga the team might be broken. Losing two of probably your best members turns you over. A lot of times HS or FejtZ was top fragging.

OneShot has not been in the spotlight since 2014. We have almost no info on this team. However one of there players played for NPME a few weeks ago and had decent results. He played against Arcade and YP. He had not the best scores but i could be good enough. This player was kingqie. This is literally all the info i have about this team.

For this match i would actually go ICB on OneShot i think a lot of people did not notice that OnlineBOTS is playing with 2 stand-ins this might really turn them over. In a best of one against an unknown team it is ‘likely’ to see an upset. If you don’t want to risk a skin on an underdog i recommend a skip but besides that i see no reason to bet on OnlineBOTS.

An ICB on OneShot is the best thing you could do here. Otherwise skip.

Good luck!


My odds for this match: OB 50:50 OneShot


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