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2016/04/13 03:00 UTC

Winner Obey

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Obey vs. 8Minded at Fragadelphia

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A BO5 for Fragadelphia where Obey will have 1 map advantage. Obey recently have been stomping teams left and right, not a single premier team is able to beat them and they just seem so consistent with the fragging power they have. They even managed to take down WinterFox, KKona and Selfless which is extremely impressive as all of these teams are pro-teams. Obey seem to finally have found the teamwork they were lacking a few weeks ago and I personally think that they’re ready to become pro.

8Minded surely aren’t bad, they have some really consistent fraggers and are, as I mentioned many times, a pug team who just rely on aim. All a pug team wants, is play against a team who also relies on aim because once they face a team who rely on teamwork, they will get smashed.

A BO5 where Obey have 1 map advantage … not the best thing to have when you’re 8Minded. Obviously Obey also have some kind of a ”pugstyle” in their play but their aim is just SO much better than 8Minded. Obey shouldn’t lose 3 maps here as they only need 2 themself, they have a really strong mappool and I really don’t think that they’ll drop this one. Should be a 3-0 in favour of Obey.

My odds for this match: Obey 85:15 8Minded

Obey with all the accusations surrounding them, might find focusing here slightly difficult. It will be a good test for them, against a side they have beaten a number of times before. Most of the times they have faced 8minded, they have won fairly easily, and I expect this game to be the same. I would be really surprised if Obey lost this game, and it would be slightly suspicious if they did. I would not go LARGE on a game like this, but a MED bet should be okay here. Of course another thing to note is, Obey start with a 1 map advantage, which is usually not a big importance in a BO5, but I just can’t see 8 Minded taking 3 maps off them.

My odds for this match: Obey 80:20 8Minded


A lot of accusations going around Obey as of today as Ryu came out with some demos, chatlogs and what not, so I am unsure how concentrated Obey will be here, and if they will be worried and nervous, as they are definitely going to have a lot of eyes on them. In the case if they do cheat, doubt they would here as once again, a lot of attention on them. I do expect Obey to win however as they are the better team, if they are legit they have a lot of potential it seems in their players, especially DSR and Brehze. I would not go high here, medium is better due to this scandal around Obey and the fact that it is a low tier NA game, 8Minded are by no means horrible so do not count them out, however this should be a bit too much for them here. \


10% Obey here as long as they are above 95%, however make sure your 10% is above 300$ or else chances of you getting a return are very, very slim, a decent one at least.

My odds = 80-20 Obey

My risk = Med

My bet = 10% Obey

My advice = Same as my bet if your 10% is above 300$.

My odds for this match: Obey 80:20 8Minded

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