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Streamme Gauntlet

Best Of 3
2016/02/24 03:00 UTC

Winner Obey

Obey vs. EvilN at Streamme Gauntlet

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Doing a bit of research on the opponents for Obey shows the level they are at to not be that high. They have played a few games on HLTV last year, in which they were totally destroyed by Conquest. They don’t seem to have a CEVO team together, they are all in various other teams and play a lot of mixes. Looking at their ESEA team, they have played a number of games. They have beaten Primacy, Kingdom, Venom, and KING. These are obviously not the most impressive results, as I don’t really know any of these sides THAT well. The teams they have lost too, include a mix team with Fifflaren in, and a couple of teams I don’t really know to be honest. The other thing to notice is they have won and lost 1 game on every map, except Train, so perhaps expect to see this get picked today.

Obey looked really good against Tstorm, and took the first map in incredibly convincing fashion. They started the second map well, until they appeared to make the Brazilians angry, with them being accused of being cheaters by most namely boltz. I know the guys in Obey a fair amount, and honestly would be really surprised if any of them did such a thing. Dsr was really impressive on LAN, and most of the others have been around for a fair while.

Judging from the two teams results, I fail to see how Obey lose this game unless something strange happens. I would still not go LARGE on a lower tier NA match, but you could get away with going MED on Obey to take this.

My odds for this match: Obey 70:30 EvilN


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