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2016/02/23 01:00 UTC

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OG vs. AceG at CEVO

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Like….I mean, this Ace team has nothing to do taking out OpTic in a BO3 here, I will be super, super surprised if it happens here. This isn’t the old AceG lineup, even though they’ve had so many in the past, this one is quite poor to say the least, I mean tier 3 NA we are talking here. They’ve got Focs, N0swal if you are looking for names that ring the bell, and the rest I’ve just no idea. I mean unless this is NA’s last hope and up and coming team here, they should not stand much of a chance. This should be a pretty simple swipe of a 2-0 for OpTic, however hey, it is NA so don’t bet your bugatti on this. Eitherway, cut a long story short, 85-15 OpTic, if they lose this, I mean I’ll be super duper surprised. Should be a max and relax.


Max and relax OpTic here. If you do not have a maxbet set, go high on them if your high is above 100$, or else you probably won’t get a return.

My odds = 85-15 OpTic

My risk  = Low

My bet = Max and relax

My advice = Max, if no maxbet set, high if your high is above 100$, otherwise skip.

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 85:15 AceG

Not sure what to say on this game, it is not a game that OG will go into fearing anything from the opposition. The team tonight is another AceG roster that I don’t see achieving anything of note really. They were destroyed by Noble 16-3, and that is hardly setting the world on fire. A couple of their players are not THAT bad, most notably n0swal and focs, but the rest is not that experienced.

The OG boys can lose games sometimes they should win so I would be a little afraid going into this game if you only had just enough skins to max bet, but overall this should be a pretty safe game. They only seem to do this in games where they run out of ideas, and that has for one not happened for a while, and 2 usually happened against better sides than Ace. I would suggest going LARGE on OG if you want to try and get overpay, and if you don’t have enough, then just SKIP this game.

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 80:20 AceG


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