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2016/03/14 00:00 UTC

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OG vs. coL at ESL Predictions

2nd map is going to be Cache, now this is CoL’s best map although we saw them play against Cloud9 yesterday, they got stomped. It was obviously Cloud9 playing really good on this map and CoL overall just couldn’t really do what they usually do; fragging. Roca was on 6 frags and dephh was topfragging with 10 frags for CoL, that’s just not good and not a thing that will win you a game against a team like OpTic, OpTic are the same as Cloud9 on Cache, extremely strong and hard to beat. This might be a rematch of Cloud9 vs. CoL although I do think that it will be more close. OpTic should take it either way though.

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 75:25 compLexity Gaming

Second game for these two here, and judging from how coL played the last few times I saw them on this map, this could be a rough one. Ignoring their come back against NRG, their T side on this map has been awful, and bar some hero plays from Roca, they would have been smashed even worse in both games. OpTic know how to play this map, and do suffer from a weak CT sometimes, but overall are really composed on this map. It is still a good map for coL, but I fail to see how OpTic lose this game. MED on Optic here.

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 75:25 compLexity Gaming

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