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2016/03/09 03:00 UTC

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OG vs. Selfless at CEVO

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Quite some history between these two teams, I believe Selfless were never able to defeat OpTic. This is the Grand Final and the winner will advance to the CEVO Gfinity Season 9 LAN Finals. OpTic will most definitely try their best here and once they do, Selfless will have a hard time. We saw OpTic trying their best yesterday against Liquid and it was amazing, they managed to beat Liquid 2-1 which we can call an upset. Lots of people seem to underestimate OpTic but when on point, they definitely belong in the top of NA. Selfless just had some roster changes, Lucky left the roster and they got m1tch in. We saw Selfless perform with this line-up against NRG and they managed to beat them 2-1. m1tch and Nifty were the players who stepped up huge, these players seem to be the new hard carriers of this team after koosta left.

This is going to be a BO3 and with OpTic fully trying .. I don’t think Selfless are able to win here. Sure, they had a good game against NRG but OpTic are way stronger than NRG. I expect a 2-1 win to OpTic here, maybe a 2-0 depending on the maps.

Medium (10%) on OpTic

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 75:25 Selfless

Honestly don’t think the chances here for Selfless to be very high but 17%? I dunno why they are this low. They beat TSM and NRG in games I didn’t really expect, and I am 100% sure both these sides would have higher odds here than 17% so it does make you wonder why such low odds. They do suffer from having a bad map pool due to having 2 new players, but in Nifty they do have a player who can surprise people. They used to love Inferno, and I am curious to see if they will still love it with their new roster or not.

I do expect OpTic to take this game but I have seen them crumble before when they run out of ideas, with their strat book looking weak. If Liquid had managed to close out 1 round last round, the scores would have been 16-3 16-7 to Liquid, and if that had happened the odds here would be a lot closer. One round going one way or another does not change the level of a side that much. ICB on Selfless at these odds seeming to be the only bet that makes sense.

Edit : Odds going up on selfless, can see it being around 70-75, would go MED on OpTic at these odds.

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 65:35 Selfless


So we saw OpTic take out Liquid in a BO3 yesterday which makes the odds really heavily skewed, however I still reckon this is a game that they should be winning here. Selfless obviously ex Enemy, however two roster changes, -Koosta and -Lucky and add Mitch and Nifty. Now, decent players however no Koosta, and I mean could argue M1tch is better than Lucky however ehh. I don’t expect Selfless to pull out some in-depth heavy material strat book here, and just expect them to leg it here, aka pug it. They are still without an organisation, so I reckon that is another thing their minds will be on. OpTic skillwise here are stronger than Selfless, as well as strategically they have been together for a long time now, the core at least so they are ahead on that aspect too, and in general should just be winning this game here. This is the CEVO/Gfinity final thingy where the winner advances to the LAN, so this is definitely very important so both teams will be taking it serious here. This is still NA so strange things can happen, however I expect OpTic to take it. 70-30 in favor of OpTic here.


7-10% in favor of OpTic here if they are below 77%, otherwise ICB Selfless here.

My odds = 70-30 OpTic

My risk = Medium

My bet = 7-10% in favor of OpTic here if they are below 77%, otherwise ICB Selfless

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 70:30 Selfless


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