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OpTic Gaming


Best Of 3
2016/01/17 18:05 UTC

Winner Splyce
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OpTic Gaming

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OG vs. Splyce at MLG Predictions

Optic gaming are heavily favoured for this match, and rightfully so. I didn’t really see a lot from Splyce so far this event. They had a poor showing against L1, and had a close game the 2nd time too on the first map. They looked good on Cache, but I still feel that was more down to L1 being poor, than Splyce being decent.

Optic are potentially a top 3 NA side right now, and the combo of NAF, RUSH, and stanislaw is really impressive. These 3 could get into any of the top NA sides, and having all 3 in one team is really potent. Daps is not the best fragger, but has an impressive history of important clutches and impact frags.

Splyce will rely heavily on OG playing poorly for them to take this. They are a well organised side, and all of them will need to be having the games of their lives to take this. I don’t see this happening, and foresee a comfortable 2-0 win for OG. There is a slight risk with this game, as there always is with games like this, so would suggest only to go MED. If you want to play it safe as the odds are not the best, then just SKIP, but if you have some skins of value this could be an easy way to make a bit of bank.

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 75:25 Splyce

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