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2016/01/16 20:06 UTC

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OG vs. WinterFox at MLG

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Optic are looking hot coming into this match, they recently qualified for ELEAGUE without dropping a single map, Optic managed to beat compLexity, Enemy eSports, DOGMEN and Lounge Gaming – all 2-0. They are arguably the best team in North America right now as we haven’t seen Cloud9 and Liquid with their new players yet, and CLG doesn’t have a 5th player, they used to beat pretty much all top teams in North America and rarely dropped a map against lower teams. Conquest didn’t have any roster changes in quite some time and it might be the reason they are so good right now, that’s what I really like about them.

WinterFox improved quite a lot recently, but they still don’t seem to be good enough to compete with such a strong team like Conquest, they managed to take a map off of Cloud9, not that impressive since Cloud9 used swag as a stand in and that was their first match with Stewie2k, other than that, WinterFox beat Enemy 2-1 in a nail biting best of three series, and lost a ton of matches against teams like Games Academy, 3sUP, CLG, Liquid, Method and more.

Optic are way better overall and should be highly favored here, but I wouldn’t be surprised if WinterFox take it, it is a best of 1 after all and they are not that bad, still, I’d rather go medium on Optic here.

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 75:25 WinterFox

OpTic’s new team really did shine bright during their game against CSGOLounge and they are going to prove to be a tough challenge against team WinterFox even in this BO1. OpTic’s team is proving that they have what it takes to be one of the top 3 of North America seeing how they performed against CSGOLounge, seeing how they destroyed CSGOLounge on Train and took a great win on Cobble. The talent on OpTic may not seem great but they’re really proving themselves fit to be one of the top NA players with their performance, with all Optic players performing at an exceeding rate against CSGOL especially for a North American team. The talent on OpTic is shining ever since being signed under this new organization, seeing how RUSH and NAF-FLY being great at aggressive plays, ShaZham being spectacular with the AWP (better than he was with Cloud9 in my opinion), along with Stainslaw and daps buffing their performance with rifles and passive plays. OpTic is shooting for the top and they’re proving to be a tough contender for Winterfox.

On the other hand, Winterfox is still proving to be a late blooming NA team. Winterfox has extremely talented NA players, being skilled at either rifles or AWPing but they’re lacking sufficient team cooperation and leadership. Their performance really does show how lost Winterfox is when playing against other NA teams in similar tiers, seeing how they can barely handle a tier 2 team. It feels like Winterfox is being lead by a tier 3 leader who is only tier 2 due to their talent and skill. Winterfox is going to have a tough time playing OpTic but they Winterfox should be pulling a decent amount of rounds off of OpTic.

Recommended Bet: MEDIUM OPTIC

My odds for this match: OpTic Gaming 65:35 WinterFox


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