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Uprise Champions Cup

Best Of 3
2016/03/22 19:30 UTC

Winner Orgless

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Orgless vs. Platinium at Uprise Champions Cup

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Finally, this match will be played as it got postponed once. There are some changes this time though, Orgless picked up Slap instead of SKYTTEN and IMO this is quite an upgrade, Slap is a really solid tier2 player who seems extremely consistent frag-wise, I was actually surprised why Ancient didn’t pick this guy up as he’s simply nuts, Orgless look really strong now with Slap especially with BARBARR (his buddy) and DeadFox on his side who are also extremely skilled players.

Platinium on the other hand are a team who are able to take down tier3 teams fairly consistently but I have never seen them beat a tier2 team. Platinium’s biggest problem is that mistou won’t play in this match, I’m not sure whether he just got replaced or if he just can’t play, but that’s definitely a big miss for Platinium as him and LoWkii are the best players of this line-up. I don’t have that much info about the new boy / stand in Smyli but I highly doubt this being a good thing.

I think that with the addition of Slap on Orgless’s side, it will only make them stronger. I expect them to take this BO3 2-0, Platinium could get one map but definitely shouldn’t be able to win two here.

My odds for this match: Orgless 80:20 Platinium


This is a match that Orgless should be looking to pick up here. Orgless find themselves in a group of Alternate Attax, Hellraisers and Platinium, their today’s opponent, Platinium should be the easy points and then they would have to battle it out with HR and ATN. If they don’t manage to defeat Platinium here, they would be looking in pretty bad shape to get out of their group for the UCC Season 4. I have no idea why, well according to the Orgless guys Skytten has ”Different views on how CSGO should be played”, so yesterday they announced that Skytten is getting replaced by Slap. Slap is a decent player, not quite sure if I would have preferred him or Skytten in the team, as Skytten was doing quite good for himself and the team, however time will tell. Slap is definitely somebody who can help the team here and doesn’t change the outcome of the match for me too much here. The Orgless guys have not been playing a lot the past month or so, however beforehand in February and January they were showing great results. They’ve managed to recent beat YP 2-0, Flipside 2-0 which is actually very impressive, fell 2-0 down to Ancient and beat Preperation 2-0 who have been showing great results themselves. The Orgless team definitely are looking strong favorites here, my only concern is their consistency, they do not always seem on point, and with the history of their players, they do struggle for form and are very form based. We have not seen them much as I’ve already said, so trying to predict their form is tough, however as this is a BO3 and is an important matchup for them, they should be able to take this. The prize pool for the LAN is 40 thousand which is quite a bit for a team like Orgless, since they are obviously without a sponsor, and any opportunity to show themselves off at LAN is one that is worth the taking.

Platinium on the otherhand is not a team that rings a bell for many people. They on paper are not the most impressive of teams, and definitely are not a team that shout be causing Orgless too much trouble. They have potential to perhaps grab a map from Orgless, however more? Eehh I wouldn’t think so. Platinium recently lost 2-1 to LDLCBlue which just does not look impressive on paper, fell down to CPH Wolves, lost 2-1 to GameAgents, they did however beat LDLCWhite 2-0 which is impressive in a sense since LDLCWhite can be really good at times, however at other times LDLCWhite is just really not there, so it’s a take or leave kind of result. Anywho, to cut a long story short, Platinium should not cause too much trouble here, like I said they can push off a map from Orgless, however two should be a stretch too far for them. For me this is a 80-20 game, and I simply recommend playing the odds here with a medium bet on Orgless.


10% on Orgless here as long as they are below 90% on Lounge, if they are above, it’s really not worth a bet here as the return will be minimal, so just skip the match or ICB on Platinium in the hopes of a upset.

My odds = 80-20 Orgless

My risk = Medium

My bet = 10% Orgless if below 90%, otherwise skip/ICB Platinium

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Orgless 80:20 Platinium

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Orgless of course playing with their new 5th or trialist slap will want to make a good impression here. They are up against a decent French side in Platinum who have had some close games against lower tier sides lately. They had a close loss to LDLC, a close loss to CPH, and a close loss to GA. The main issue here being, although the games were close, they still lost all of them. Looking at ORGLESS, they are a side that suffers from poor CT sides, and really strong T sides. In BARBAR and DeadFox they have two really strong players, and it will be interesting to see how slap fits in with these guys. ORGLESS are in good form right now, and are at least equal, if not better than the other sides Platinum also lost too recently. I thoroughly expect Orgless to take this, and would suggest a MED bet as things stand.

My odds for this match: Orgless 70:30 Platinium


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