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BD Winter Cup

Best Of 3
2016/02/07 16:00 UTC

Winner Arcade

Party vs. Arcade at BD Winter Cup

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Party is one of the only rosters that is even remotely known coming out of Kazakhstan and they aren’t too great either. In fact, they lost their opening match for this event but because their opponent didn’t provide a demo upon request, they were disqualified and PARTY were allowed to go on. So technically they shouldn’t be playing this match but by a stroke of luck or 8Bit cheating, they’re now here.

Like most other CIS teams out there, PARTY played in the Rising Stars CIS and got eliminated pretty much straight away as they lost to the Rebels 1-2. This roster has been together for a while now and they have accomplished some feats. They have taken maps off Vega, Piter (also won against Piter in November last year) and also Enso. So while PARTY make look like they’re garbage now, they still do have it in them to do somewhat well and play at a good standard.


Arcade is the roster of ex-Vega Squadron and COLDY from Team YP/Enervate/Phenomenon. Vega and YP are regarded as top 3 teams (with Piter being up there too) and COLDY is a good addition to the ex Vega squad. They had trouble finding a good fifth and now it looks like they’re gonna be sticking with COLDY.

In their opening match, Arcade took down eXplosive in a 3 map series. In Rising Stars, they lost to Revolution and were promptly eliminated. Oh yeah, Arcade also played in the MLG Columbus Last Chance pre-quals (I think that’s what it’s called) and they lost to SK 0-2 with semi close scorelines, but the fact that they even got to play in that league just goes to show how known/skilled they are as a Russian team.

Final thoughts and advice

Arcade is no doubt the favorite here, and I think their odds will end up at 70-30 or something like that. Arcade shouldn’t lose this, but they definitely played at their peak when they were under the name ‘Vega Squadron’. As of late, they haven’t been playing like they used to but I still think they are the more skilled and experienced team compared to PARTY.

Definitely a risky match and I wouldn’t be betting on this if Arcade exceed the odds of 70%.

My odds for this match: Party 30:70 Arcade


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