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2016/03/25 18:00 UTC

Winner Arcade

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Penta vs. Arcade at Starseries

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A BO1 between two extremely inconsistent teams, Penta have lost 3/3 games this week against CPH Wolves, Epsilon and Gambit, IMO the matches against Epsilon and Gambit should have been wins, those were rather throwaways and they didn’t play like they used to in those matches, it was sad to watch. Arcade on the other hand are only going downhill it seems, the team who used to be better than YP, Empire and Method seem now to be a lot worse, they did have a close game against Hellraisers on Overpass but IMO Hellraisers weren’t really playing good in this match and Arcade should have maybe won it but didn’t.

A BO1 I personally wouldn’t wanna touch, Penta are the better team but they do not deserve to be favoured with 65%+ if you ask me. I’m going to suggest a skip here and save your skins for the upcoming Major.

My odds for this match: Penta 55:45 Arcade


Tricky BO1 here once again. In theory Penta should be winning this, they are the better team on paper however paper does not always win. Penta are really up and down it seems, the guy that has been impressing us all has to be Lowel however, when the guy is on form he is a god damn monster, and he is on form so often it’s almost ridiculous. If he can keep it up here Penta should win, well, as long as the others are contributing somewhat as well, but the guy is looking insane and has a lot of potential. Arcade are a force you have to be reckoned with however, they have players to upset Penta, especially given that this is a BO1. Win both pistols, take a few clutches and you are looking quite smooth, so this one is definitely risky especially since Penta seems to be really up and down as I said. Overall for me this is about 60-40 in favor of Penta. I’d go low on this as it is a BO1, and it really isn’t the greatest of matches to bet on however it is what it is.


5% Penta if below 65%, otherwise 2% Arcade here.

My odds = 60-40 Penta

My risk = High

My bet = 5% Penta if below 65%, otherwise 2% Arcade

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Penta 60:40 Arcade

Option 1Bet Penta if odds 65% or less

Small (5%)

high risk

Do not think that Penta have shown enough in their recent matches to deserve odds like this. If you analyse the halves they showed against Gambit, they lost one of them 14-1, and on Cache, except for the pistol and anti eco rounds, they managed 2 more gun rounds, and 1 of them was when Gambit basically gave them a round with stupid pushes. Their team overall is decent, I like the pick up of loWel, but overall they are still missing something. Arcade showed in their BO1 against HR, they are not to be taken lightly, and could of perhaps taken that map. If they can take the pistol rounds, and have a good start, it is not beyond the realms of possibility they can take this game. If they are under 35% odds, 2-3% on Arcade.

My odds for this match: Penta 65:35 Arcade

Option 1Bet Penta if odds 65% or less

Small (5%)

high risk


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