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2016/04/11 19:00 UTC


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Penta vs. E-Frag at GO:CL

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Largely depends which E-frag decides to turn up today. If you look at their recent form and h2h’s, this does seem to be an easy win for E-frag. They have not only beaten Penta virtually every time they played them, they have won convincingly, often dropping less than 10 rounds. This does not bode well for the mainly German side, who are still finding their feet with their recent introductions. Their form has been pretty up and down, although they did manage to beat ATN yesterday, which will at least give them confidence. I do feel E-frag should take this, but I am always nervous betting on them due to their force buys and inconsistencies. If the odds stay below 80%, then you could probably get away with an E-frag bet, if they go past that, then ICB Penta, or SKIP.

My odds for this match: Penta 30:70

For some reason the H2H matches between these two teams is never close, E-Frag always stomps Penta with really convicing scorelines, we all know E-Frag have an insanely strong mappool, they don’t have a single map they can’t play, all 7 maps are maps they can beat any tier2 team on.

Penta right now aren’t too bad, but still seem to heavily rely on lowel, tabsen is extremely inconsistent so lowel has to step up in this match. Penta does have a decent record with wins over Alternate which isn’t too bad, but they also got beaten by Empire and Empire are nowhere as good as E-Frag, so Penta will have a hard time here.

I expect this match to be a replay of all the other H2H’s these teams played. E-Frag should be coming out on top and win here. Penta really has to play the best CS they ever played if they want to beat E-Frag here. E-Frag should win.

My odds for this match: Penta 25:75


Me no like attempting to predict matches with Penta and E-Frag involved, and when they come together it is even more painful. Historically E-Frag has ran over Penta for a long time now, and every single time. Now I feel like Penta are gradually improving, still think they need one more strong fragger in that team, however a guy that especially impresses me is Lowel, when that guy is feeling it he can be a mad fragger for the team, so that is definitely a positive sign for Penta here, however even if he does go off, he needs support from his team and basically pray E-Frag themselves are not feeling it. E-Frag are a very mixed team, I am never safe with them, ever, I have seen them constantly get very close to losing, or even losing versus teams a lot, a lot weaker than Penta, and if they get upset here, would not be too big of a surprise. E-Frag have two gears, either really bot or really good, it’s really annoying at times since they can be incredibly hard to read, however once again they should be taking this as long as they are feeling it. BO3 too and eh, I can expect a close series however favors E-Frag. E-Frag also has a lot of hours on average on CSGO the past two weeks, Penta is not slacking either, however while E-Frag are in the 85~ margin, Penta are more 65~ area. Overall, 75-25 in favor of E-Frag here .


5% E-Frag below 82%, otherwise ICB Penta. E-Frag should win, however it is still E-Frag and you can never be too safe with them.

My odds = 75-25 E-Frag

My risk = High

My bet = 5% E-Frag below 82%, otherwise ICB PEnta

My advice = Same as my bet

My odds for this match: Penta 25:75


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