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UCC Europe

Best Of 3
2015/12/15 18:00 UTC

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Penta vs. HR at UCC Europe

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PENTA will be using two stand ins for this match, Davidp and Maniac will play instead strux1 and Spiidi who was their best player, it’s gonna be really hard for PENTA as they pretty much always lose against HellRaisers with the original roster, the only match they won was a best of 1 for ESL ESEA Pro League, HellRaisers had no chance for qualifying anymore, I’m just gonna assume they didn’t try there.


HellRaisers played very well against dignitas yesterday, they lost 2-3 but it was way closer than I expected, could be a 3-0 for HellRaisers as they had a nice advantage on the first map and won the next two maps, they also played an insanely close best of 2 against mousesports two days ago, they won mirage 21-18 and lost 14-16 on inferno.


Nothing more to say here really, HellRaisers should be able to take this quite convincingly, I’d suggest a large bet on them unless their odds skyrocket above 86-90%~

My odds for this match: Penta 20:80 HR

The roster Penta have played with in this qualifier is different from their normal roster. They have been playing with davidp, who played for Team Belgium and DeadPixels, and is a semi decent player, who most consider an onliner. The second person they have been playing with, is Maniac, who most of you will remember from Titan.

HR are incredibly inconsistent, and that was highlighted perfectly in their game yesterday against dignitas, with pretty much every map, except for the last, being a winnable one. I did notice yesterday, that schneider has taken the HR steam avatar, so perhaps he has now joined properly, and this will be their 5 from now on.

With the odds being as they are, and the uncertainty around the Penta roster, the safest bet here is just to SKIP. The Penta roster we think might be playing, could be amazing, or they could be average, we don’t know right now, and your skins should be avoided on this game.

My odds for this match: Penta 35:65 HR

Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. This time it will be between Penta and HR. It is a best of 3 and the maps are TBA. This match is the first one for both of the teams in the group stage of Uprise champions cup.

The last results of Penta are quite promising. They won against Killerfish with a 2-1 score.  17-19 on Dust2, 16-8 on Cobblestone and 10-16 on Cache. They won 2-0 against Planetkey and 2-0 against LDLC.white. However these matches are over a week old. Penta is playing with davidP and Maniac as stand-ins for spiidi and strux1. Due this i give HR an advantage.

Hellraisers are not preforming that good as you expect them to be. They played a best of 5 against Digni and lost 2-3. They had some close games but got run over on Cobblestone. Besides that they also played Mouz and played 1-1 against them with 1 OT map win on Mirage and a 16-14 lose on Inferno. Hellraisers is not preforming to good but they are playing decent against team that should be better then Penta. I feel like HR should have this one especially in a best of 3.

For this match i recommend a small bet on HR. The odds for them are a bit to high. However Penta is playing with 2 stand-ins which should hurt them.

Good luck!

My odds for this match: Penta 35:65 HR


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