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Counter Pit League

Best Of 2
2016/02/23 20:30 UTC

Winner Penta

Penta vs. Panters at Counter Pit League

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This is a BO2 meaning that if it ends in a 1-1, your skins are returned which adds some sort of a cushion of safety I always feel. Penta are the team that needs to be favored I feel, may not be by a lot however I feel like they should be able to take at least one map here. I don’t get their decision making dropping DavidP recently, however what do I know, could be for the better of the team. ZehN has been pretty decent for the team so far, so definitely a bonus there I reckon. With Penta it is kinda hard to predict their form, they can be quite good, such as their most recent upset against F3, but then they get absolutely smashed by SK a few days ago, 16:7 and 16:3. Eitherway, for Penta it just depends if their players are on form or not, it’s impossible to predict that so just approach with care here. Panters are the Norwegian team, they are quite good to say the least. We have not seen them play much at all, until a few days ago when they tied 1-1 to E-Frag. Panters are much alike Penta, they have some good players in that lineup, it is just about finding consistency. For me this is a 60-40, kinda hard to know what to really expect from either side, so play this careful.


Go low 2-3% on Penta here as long as they are below 66%, otherwise 2-3% on Panthers.

My odds = 60-40 Penta

My risk = High

My bet = 2-3% Penta if under 66%, otherwise 2-3% Panthers

My advice = Same as my bet


My odds for this match: Penta 60:40 Panters

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