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Counter Pit League

Best Of 2
2016/02/22 18:00 UTC

Winner SK Gaming
SK Gaming

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Penta vs. SK at Counter Pit League

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Hey guys,

Thijs here doing a prediction. This time it will be between Penta and SK. It is a best of 2 and the maps are TBA. First of all I want to say the odds for this game are a bit out of shape. SK is the favourite here but Penta should have more around 30-35% instead of 20% at the moment of writing this.

Let me start of with Penta. They have been undergoing some roster changes recently. We only saw them twice with this line-up. They played FlipSid3 and Plantinium. Penta kind of rekt FlipSid3 on dust2 winning it with 16:3. This is really good for a new line-up. The other map against FlipSid3 was a win for Penta as well. It was a close map and it ended 22:20 on Cobblestone. Against Plantinium Penta had a decent game as well. They lost Mirage with a score of 16:8 but won Inferno 16:9 AND Overpass 16:4. However this match was not with zehN. zehN will play tonight for Penta according to HLTV though. We haven’t seen a lot of action from this new line-up. The core is still there don’t get me wrong but it is not Penta as we know them. To be honest I think Penta has a chance at winning this match up however it will be decided how SK will show up.

SK hasn’t been active on HLTV for a week or 2. I looked up there profiles and most of them had between 30-50 hours played in the past 2 weeks. It is not a lot but I think it is enough for them to stay warm. The last results from SK are promising though. They won from Na’vi on Train 16-12 and on Cobblestone 16-7. SK also beat Dignitas in a best of 3 with a 2-1 map score. SK lost Mirage 16-12 but won Cache with 16-5 and Dust2 with 16-12. SK also played envy. SK lost twice against them but they almost won Mirage ending in 22-19 in the favour of Envy. The other match was played on Cobble and Envy just fucked with SK. The match ended 16-6 in favour of Envy.

SK have shown what they are capable off. They can beat tier 1 team or high tier 2. I really think they have the upper hand in this match up. However since they haven’t played a pro match for a while they might be a little rusty. Penta had some time to get used to their new line-up and they might surprise us and walk over SK however i don’t think this is likely to happen. I feel like SK should have it. If you have a smaller inventory I would recommend a skip. For the other people who have a big enough inventory a medium bet on SK could be profitable. If the odds go to high for SK a skip is recommended for all of you.

Good luck!

My odds for this match: Penta 35:65 SK Gaming


I actually do not like this Penta lineup, I do not think that they are very good, and don’t necessarily have too much going for them, however hey, they keep proving me wrong here so I need to shut up I guess. They demolished E-Frag 16:8 on Cache yesterday, and I mean, E-Frag is the kind of team that would lose that, however still something going for Penta, especially since they upset Flipsid3 a few days back too. The Penta guys have been using ZehN now for the past few matches, and he has looked good, he’s definitely somebody who is new to the roster but has shown promise, I expect him to stay, however he is apparently Finnish so I am not sure how these guys communicate, and that is another problem with Penta I reckon, 3 Germans, 1 Fin and 1 Dutch player in that lineup. SK is a team that I like, I think that they have potential and I can see how their players could work out, however eh, they need to work harder or something, their consistency is just not there. They are my favorites in this game, and considering this is a BO2, I for sure would hope they could pickup a map here, however nothing for granted. SK has some really highly skilled players, they’ve been together for some time now too, so I definitely rate them higher here, it’s just a matter of them being on form here. The SK guys do not have a lot of hours on steam right now the past 2 weeks, like 30-50 between them and I mean………I have more and I’ve been barely playing from memory. The lack of hours is one of the reasons why I am feeling a bit insecure here, and perhaps not playing my cards bigger. Better safe than sorry here, 70-30 keeping in mind it is a BO2 here.


Just going to play the odds here somewhat. I’d go higher, but the lack of hours got me scared a bit here, I mean if you got big guts, feel free to, but I’ll be safe. 5% on SK if under 78%, otherwise ICB Penta. A good idea here is ”Penta to win at least one map” on Fanobet if you can snipe good odds, low 2% on that would be fitting.

My odds = 70-30 SK

My risk = High

My bet = 5% SK if under 78%, otherwise ICB Penta.

My advice = Same as my bet, or ”Penta to win at least one map” 2% on Fanobet if good odds.

My odds for this match: Penta 30:70 SK Gaming

With this being a BO2, what you should bet on changes almost. SK should be good for one map here as they have been in really good form lately. They seem to have finally clicked with Pimp, and finally getting the results their roster deserves. They looked really strong against Navi, and although Navi are not playing a lot right now, they still were surprised by the level that SK showed.

Penta recently kicked davidp and are playing with zeHn, a Finnish player who is not bad, but I really don’t understand why they are playing with him as he doesn’t really fit with their roster, and they should in my opinion aim for someone more experienced, even if he is not German. Penta did manage to beat Fsid3, so they should not be underestimated in this game.

I still think SK should be good for at least 1 map here, and would suggest going LOW/MED on them as a consequence of this. This will most likely be 2-0 for SK with a slight risk of it being 1-1. Picking 2-0 for SK is a good but risky bet for Fanobet.

My odds for this match: Penta 30:70 SK Gaming


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