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PGL Season 1

Best Of 3
2016/01/07 21:00 UTC

Winner Penta
Space Soldiers

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Penta vs. SpaceS at PGL Season 1

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Interesting game here as the Penta roster might well be different than their normal one. They are having line-up issues at the moment, and spaceS might be able to capitalise on this and steal the win. Penta are apparently playing with davidp and mikeS and are basically a mix. While they are good players, I am unsure if they will be able to match up teamwork wise with the Turkish boys.

SpaceS recently announced they have moved ngiN into their main 5 instead of e1, which seems to improved the side as they are on a good winning streak recently. Twice winning against Vexed, a 2-0 Victory over nEophyte and a close loss to FlipSid3 are decent results.

Right now the odds are 50-50 on CSGL and I would need to give SpaceS the edge because of their roster being more stable. The individual skill on the Penta side could still trouble the Turkish guys and they could still run away with it on skill alone if the right maps come out, but I fancy the chances for SpaceS and would suggest going LOW on them if the odds stay below 60%. They are starting to move due to people seeing the potential roster for Penta.

My odds for this match: Penta 45:55 Space Soldiers

Just looking at the lineups I can already tell that Space Soldiers should have an edge here, they replaced e1 with ngiN, I’d say that ngiN is slightly better and this is definitely an upgrade for Space Soldiers, not sure about the chemistry as they haven’t played that many matches together, shouldn’t be a big issue though, Space Soldiers seems like a puggy team with so I’m just gonna assume that it was a good change. Space Soldiers they managed to take down a couple of decent teams such as Vexed, PiTER, OnlineBOTS and nEophyte, they even destroyed FlipSid3 16-2 on cobblestone, lost the series in the end but it is still a nice result.

PENTA is pretty much a mix team right now, they lost Spiidi and strux1 and don’t have a full lineup at the moment, they just use different players all the time, Davidp and mikeS will play for them in this match and their results so far were just fine, but they played only two matches with the current lineup, PENTA beat Reason and GameAgents (ex-Revolte).

I wouldn’t expect much from PENTA’s mix, I have a strong feeling that Space Soldiers will take this match, it is still very risky and could go either way though.

My odds for this match: Penta 43:57 Space Soldiers


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