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2016/02/02 17:00 UTC

Winner CSGL

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PixelFire are looking hot right now, they had a great run in the European Minor Championship in Bucharest few days ago, during the lan finals they managed to take down DenDD twice, won the first map against HellRaisers and choked right after as they lost both following rounds 14-16 after having a decent lead. PixelFire made it to the semi final where they lost a very close series against E-Frag.

Lounge Gaming will use peet instead of MINISE by the look of things, that’s a massive downgrade in my opinion as peet haven’t played for a while, another thing is that peet have never played any matches with Lounge Gaming and he’s definitely not used to their strats and setups, another thing is Lounge Gaming’s current form, they played very bad in their recent matches and got wrecked by pretty much every single tier 2 team they played against.

PixelFire should be able to take this and I would definitely favor them to win here, although Lounge Gaming’s chances are pretty high and it wouldn’t surprise me if they actually won this match.

My odds for this match: PF 65:35 CSGL


Ehm pweetty sweet team, 10/10. No but ahm seriously, PixelFire have been doing quite well for themselves as of recent. They’ve put in quite good results, if you simply look at their W/L ratio, might not look too good however those do not tell the whole story, as they managed to choke away some big leads over the weekend. Thing about PixelFire is that yes indeed they are getting good results recently, however on paper, for the moment at least, individually CSGL are stronger for me, however of course it is a team game, so you have to think how far does that go. Overall due to recent form, I do believe that PF should be the favorites here, however not by much, I’ll get more into that.


CSGL is an interesting team, a very interesting and frustrating at that. This team has the potential and skill to be a good team, better than PixelFire I believe, they’ve shown it, they are the second best Polish team for a reason, however recently, and quite for some time they have been so lackluster, it isn’t even funny. I think that individually, man for man at least that when this roster is firing, they are better than PixelFire, however of course we have not seen it in a long time, and maybe they are just fluke results, however they are there. They also say that if you can’t consistently perform at that high of a level, maybe you aren’t even good and just get lucky, perhaps that’s the story with CSGL, time will only tell. I think their problem is, as we see with the most recent Oskarish replacement is that their players are not motivated, and quite toxic, the toxic nature of their players has been a problem in the past, and seems to be happening again, which is never good. With CSGL it’s simply about landing a lottery, they can be really good, or really poor. I do not think that they are much worse than CSGL at all, it just depends on their form going into the game, and I will most definitely not count them out here.


So when I say CSGL has the potential to be better than PixelFire, and I do honestly think that individually they are better as players, I do seriously mean it, however it all just comes down to which CSGL we see. We haven’t seen them play too much, just a match here and there, which have not been looking good at all, while with PixelFire we have seen them play quite a bit, and quite good results to back it up too, so obviously you have to sway in the general direction of PixelFire here. It all honestly comes down to which CSGL we see, they can be really good, however bots at the same time. They obviously going to have Peet playing here instead of Oskarish, which eh, I mean Peet is now an ex-Vexed player who I do not rate too much honestly, but I mean if Oskarish was bringing the team down with his toxic attitude, then I guess it’s a positive. Just recommend to play the odds here honestly. 55-45 PixelFire for me.


Just going to play the odds here, especially due to the unpredictability of CSGOLounge as i mentioned above.  Recommend doing the same here with a very low bet of 2-3%, maybe 5% max if you want to play it a bit more risky. If PixelFire is below 58% I will go on them, however if they are above I will go low on CSGL in the hopes of an upset. I really do hope the odds get good for CSGL, as I am feeling an upset for some reason, however the odds need to be correct to make the bet.

My odds = 55:45 PixelFire

My risk = Very high

My bet  = Playing odds – Will update my bet(the analysis) within 1 hour of the game start for you guys.

My advice = Play odds like recommended in ”Bet”


My odds for this match: PF 55:45 CSGL


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