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PGL Season 1

Best Of 5
2015/09/01 18:00 UTC

Winner mousesports


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Dignitas vs. mouz @PGL Season 1

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I think honestly this will be a really close game and could go either way. Let me explain why.

Judging by the current form, I would probably give the odds slightly in favour of mouz. The introduction again of NiKo gives them even more fire power and raw skill that they lacked with spidii. When NiKo and nex go off, few can man up to them. They are slightly inconsistent the whole team though, and this worries me a bit. Secondly, you need to look at the man victory against fnatic with a pinch of salt. It took nex literally being a 1 man army for them to take that, and the chance of that happening often is slim.

Looking at Dignitas, they are how they have always been. Up and down, sometimes amazing, sometimes average. I actually think a lot comes down to MSL, and I honestly don’t really rate him as a player or a IGL. The other day on Train, he lost b a lot of times too easily, and played far too predictable. They will need him to perform and kjaerbye to play how he can do, for them to stand up against mouz.

Looking at the history of the two teams against one another, albeit a few of the results are far ago, we see Dignitas won most of the time. Looking at the maps in isolation, Dignitas always won Cache, Mirage, and Overpass. They lost and won Inferno and Cobblestone, and mouz always won on Dust2. This shows a few maps heavily in their favour, and a few 50/50 maps. If mouz eliminate one of the strong Dignitas maps, and manage to beat them on Train, if it is played, it could make for an interesting series.

My gut tells me mouz will take this, but this is based purely off my gut. This is a real 50-50 game, so if you cannot make up your mind, it is best to SKIP as there are a lot of games on today.

My odds for this match: Dignitas 50:50 mousesports


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