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PGL Season 1

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2015/09/04 18:00 UTC

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mouz vs. Kinguin @PGL Season 1

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This is a very important match, as the loser of this will be out of PGL as this is the “Last Chance Final”.


To get where they are currently are sitting, they defeated Titan today in a BO1 on Dust 2, and they advanced to the lower bracket finals. The final score ended up as 16-14, so it was a very tight series. NiKo played absolutely insane, and he has been playing very well ever since entering the active lineup. To be honest here, if Mouz wants to win this, NiKo will have to be playing extremely well, along with the rest of the team in order to have a shot at winning against the Kinguin guys.

So far in the PGL, Mouz have been playing fairly well so to say.  Some highlights include: taking 2 maps off Fnatic in two different matches, winning 3-1 VS Dignitas and winning against Titan in two different matches. Mouz have only been defeated by Fnatic and TSM, both of which are top 3 teams in the world.


Today, we saw Kinguin go up against Dignitas in a BO1 on Mirage to get to where they are currently sitting. Kinguin ended on a high note, after defeating Dignitas 16-13. Surprisingly, ScreaM didn’t perform too well at all, ending the map at the bottom of the scoreboard. The rest of the team had to pick up their flack and the remaining 4 members had a consistent 22-23 kills EACH, while ScreaM sat on just 17.

In PGL, Kinguin have been having some pretty average performances, but do keep in mind that for the majority of their matches, they have been put up against T1 teams like TSM (twice?) and VP (once). Their only win so far has been today in the Dignitas game.  When they were put up against the T1 teams, all of those matches ended as a 0-2 loss for Kinguin with barely any close scorelines.


This match will mostly depend on how the Mouz players will be doing. ChrisJ’s AWPing is going to have to be spot on, NiKo is going to need his backpack on, gob b is going to have to make the strategic calls and perhaps nex would like to go beast mode this game and start collecting frags. Mouz have a pretty good shot at winning this, but two maps which I can see them falling easily on are Dust 2 and Cache, as they are very basic maps and generally don’t require any special techniques to win. Just raw aim, which Kinguin is better at.

I’m going to be going low on Mouz. They have really impressed me lately, and they have been stepping it up. I would consider them tied or slightly above Dignitas in the Tier 2 world. Do keep in mind that this will be a close game, and Kinguin is still a good team. I just think that the odds are somewhat skewed toward them due to their win VS F3 earlier today.

My odds for this match: mousesports 45:55 Kinguin


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