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PGL Season 1

Best Of 5
2015/08/29 18:00 UTC

Winner VP

Na’Vi vs. VP @PGL Season 1 Predictions

At the moment, VP is looking like they’re in a better position at the moment, and they are showing us that they are a very, very strong team. Their past few games have been a good showing. Earlier today, we saw them face off against TSM in a gruelling BO5 series which went to the final map. Due to a good map pool for VP, they were able to take TSM out, winning 3-2. Train, Cache and Mirage are all good maps for VP, and that’s where I think they really shine at.

As for Na’vi, they are coming into this match from the upper bracket, meaning that they get a 1 map advantage in this final. Na’vi won both of their initial matches, meaning that they avoided the lower bracket and advanced to the finals fairly quickly. In this process, they beat VP, winning 2-1 (lost Train, won both Inferno and Overpass) and they also managed to take down TSM, also winning 2-1 (losing Mirage, but won Dust 2 and Overpass). Overpass is a pretty strong map for Na’vi, so if VP veto that, then that’s a pretty big loss to Na’vi.

At the moment, VP look great, and if the odds go above 60% on Na’vi, I would say a low bet on VP would be fine. If they play their veto right, then they definitely can take this, despite the one map disadvantage. Don’t get me wrong, Na’vi is a good team, but their performance is pretty mediocre, while VP have been demonstrating that they can really bring the heat.

My odds for this match: Na’Vi 60:40 VP

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