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Balkan Championship

Best Of 1
2016/02/22 18:00 UTC

Winner Giant5
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physx vs. Giant5 at Balkan Championship Predictions

A cup for $200 and it’s on CSGL. I honestly don’t know what to say or think about that. It makes no sense to me and just screams of a cup people will throw in because why not? You make more money and have almost no risk if you just lose this game. Looking at the two teams on paper, I would say PhysX are the better side, as they have better results against semi decent teams, and seem to have played higher level opposition. The only negative thing is, they were disqualified before for refusing to upload pov demos which led people to believe they were cheating.

This is a really random BO1, and your best option is honestly to SKIP this. If you do decide to bet, then go LOW on the underdog, as this game is far too random.

My odds for this match: physx 60:40 Giant5


I always recommend to stay away from matches as such, and doing the same once again. Two pretty unknown teams coming up against eachother in a tournament where only the winner, gets 200$. I mean I can get more by betting on this match from 1 account, and to be honest, not many of these teams have any significant of a future in CSGO, so that is definitely a tempting offer here. Like if you go by results and basically histories of these two teams, you will find that perhaps Pshysx is the better team here, they’ve been a lot more active in the scene and have had better results over their time, comparing to Giant5, however not sure how far that goes here. Basically, there is so many more better matches out there, that betting on this is a joke. Just don’t even bother, go put your money on a coinflip or something, but not this match. 60-40 Physx.


Skippidy skip skip.

My odds = 60-40 Physx

My risk = High

My bet = Skip

My advice = Skip

My odds for this match: physx 60:40 Giant5

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