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Game Show Global

Best Of 3
2015/12/11 21:00 UTC

Winner Piter

Piter vs. Revival at Game Show Global

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Piter is definitely one of the better Russian teams, and it looks like they are slowly overcoming the slump that we saw them in a month or so ago. Pries player, ‘kibaken’ will be taking waterfaLLZ’s place in this match according to HLTV. Kibaken is a known player in the CIS scene and is a strong player. This match however will be the first time we see him play under the Piter flag and with the Piter roster, so it should make for an interesting match.

In the UCC, Piter have done pretty well, losing a match to CSGL but then a few days later, winning against them. Piter also won against Vega 2-0. In November, Piter also attended the CIS LAN Championship, where they won the first place prize of $3,000 after beating out Vega in the grand finals despite having a one map disadvantage (3-1 win).


Revival is a wildcard team here, and we don’t have much team information on them as they have only played three matches together. Their most recent was actually quite a while ago in early November against Vega, but that came out as a win for them 2-1. Revival lost to CAZ the UK team which isn’t too good of a sign, and to top it all off they also won against the big Romanian team, neXtplease!

Although we don’t have too much team information, I can say that there are some known names in this lineup. Belarus boys, dERZKIY and uNdo have been seen in the past playing for teams like Evolution, Piter and also in their national teams back when TWC was in progress. FANAT ROCKA is another ‘underground’ player in terms of the CIS scene, where he isn’t seen too frequently but when he does play, he goes in well. As for the other two players, I’m really not sure who they are so I can’t really comment on that.

Final thoughts and advice

Due to Revival being pretty unknown, I think the odds will be slightly skewed toward Piter which will make this match a somewhat decent small bet on Revival.


My odds for this match: Piter 75:25 Revival


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