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RGN Tournament

Best Of 3
2016/01/21 21:30 UTC

Winner Optimum

Publiclir vs. Optimum at RGN Tournament

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Publicir have been undefeated so far in their run in the RGN EU Open II. They started off by beating out HD4R (CSGO2X) 2-0, then with a little luck, they got a FFW against Platinum eSports who were unable to play that game. From there, Publicir went on to beat OnlineRol 2-0 and now they’re facing Optimum in their first ‘challenging’ game in this league.

The two Estonians from OnlineBots transferred a few months ago, and I have to say, they are fitting in rather well. HS and Fejtz are two of the best Estonian players, and combined with three experienced Swedish players, they can really learn a lot and grow from just being in the team.

As well as competing in the RGN league, Publicir are also playing in CEVO-M this season. They have also gone undefeated in the series of BO1’s according to official records, but they have had some close shaves against the likes of Imperial Dragons (16-13) and Wizards Betsuites (16-14). Overall, they’re on a 4-0 streak and they are to face off against NerdRage in their match after this one.

Optimum eSports

Optimum is a name which I personally haven’t heard of before viewing this match. And I also haven’t heard of their players either, but judging from their results so far, they are doing quite well. They have beaten stfuNerd (2-1), CG as well as RIFT gaming. If theses guys are legit, then there is definitely a place for them in the T3 CSGO scene.

Like Publicir, Optimum are also competing in CEVO-M this season. They have won 3/4 of their matches with their three wins against not really known names like Recursive, nevermind and ORG-LESS BRAH. Their one loss was to 6-16 on Inferno.

Final thoughts and advice

Publicir are the favorites to win in this one, and I think they will win but I’ll be placing an ICB on Optimum because they’ve been playing pretty well for a team I’ve never heard of. Still, I like Publicir at the moment and ever since the Estonians were signed on, they have been having some good results.

An ICB on Optimum is what I’ll be doing.

My odds for this match: Publiclir 75:25 Optimum


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