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SoStronk KOTH Asia

Best Of 3
2015/12/03 10:00 UTC

Winner Puzzle

Puzzle vs. BetG at SoStronk KOTH Asia

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Puzzle are one of the best Chinese sides right now, probably #2 behind TyLoo, and they are rightfully heavy favourites in this game. The side of BetG are pretty unknown, and their results are scarce. From what I have seen, they seem to have close results vs more unknown teams, and not many notable results against top opposition.

Puzzle have been in great form recently, beating inchk1ng, CZ and FoF all comfortably, and this shows you the level they are at right now, and on their day, can give TyLoo a run for their money. AttackeR, LOVEYY, and Reaction can all go off, and they will need at least a couple of them performing if they are to take this game.

Because of the odds currently being so bad, and the little being known about their opposition, you really have 3 choices. You either ICB on the underdog, take a risk and bet LOW/MED on Puzzle, or SKIP. If the odds move a bit, then you could personally argue for going LOW on Puzzle, and taking a risk to get some nice smaller skins for you to bet with. This is not a bet for people with small inventories, so be aware.

My odds for this match: Puzzle 75:25 BetG

Predictions Status:
ModestSimplicityModestSimplicity Suggests skipping this match
Mr. SlothMr. Sloth Suggests skipping this match

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