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2016/02/25 04:00 UTC

Winner CLG

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QuetzaL vs. CLG at CEVO

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Now this one is tricky. Quetzal have been making quite a few headlines for the wrong reasons, mainly vs their matchups vs Noble. You see they’d suck completely, lose a map to CLG.Red, then come back a few days later and play like Fnatic and have the best aim and game sense known to man, that just does not happen. Now, even with the fishy stuff, they still did struggle to Noble. This is a series that I feel like CLG should just stomp on. This is a BO3 which just means that sure maybe Quetzal can somehow squeeze out a map, but two should not be happening. Quetzal is a subpar Mexican team that I mean, has a poor ESEA record and what not, I just do not rate them however their fishiness is….worrying. Not much else to say here really, CLG should just be winning this game, and that’s about it. 85-15 CLG here.


Max and relax, or well clench, it’s NA on CLG. If you do not have a maxbet set, go high if your high is above 100$, otherwise no return for you.

My odds =  85-15 CLG

My risk = Low

My bet = Max and relax CLG

My advice = Same as my bet, if no maxbet set, go high if your high is above 100$, otherwise skip.

My odds for this match: QuetzaL 15:85 CLG

If you are looking for a safe match to get some free stuff from your max bets, this is definitely the one you should bet on. There is absolutely no chance for QuetzaL to beat CLG in a best of three on such an important tournament, a mediocre ESEA Premier team with shitty results won’t win two maps over one of the best North American teams, just look at QuetzaL’s results, they lost 1-16 against ex-Astral Authority, 1-2 against a random mix team and barely beat Noble eSports, they won’t beat CLG.

My odds for this match: QuetzaL 1:99 CLG

Judging by Quetzals games before I think they will have a hard time here. They may of beaten Noble, with a lot of people thinking they were cheating, but even then they only JUST beat them. If they had to use cheats to just about beat an average side, the chances for them to beat CLG must be really low. They are currently in a game against NME, taking the first game in a close match and are somewhat struggling in the second. They are still a top NA side, and this is an important competition. For Quetzal to win this, they must really make their cheats obvious to a point where the whole world would see. Go LARGE on this game, or SKIP.

My odds for this match: QuetzaL 20:80 CLG


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