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UCC Europe

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2015/12/02 17:00 UTC


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RCTIC vs. E-Frag at UCC Europe

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Jesus man, I don’t know what happened last night but the old E-Frag were showing glimpses of a return during the game play I was almost expecting another bet of a lifetime video to appear with the gameplay we witnessed last night…


RCTIC: This might be on the most inconsistent teams currently in the lower tiers with 28 wins and 26 losses.. I really can’t see a team like RCTIC even beating a out of form E-Frag.

RCTIC main 2 maps seem to be DD2 and Cache. This unfortunately for them means they must face E-Frag on 2 maps they are strong at also. We have seen E-frag cause incredible upsets against tier 1 teams on both of these maps so the best thing for RCTIC here would be to have a random map to face E-frag on and try and catch them off guard and to NOT play them on their main map DD2d…

Regarding the hours played for each team member of RCTIC I was rather impressed with the amount of hours put in averaging at 45.26 hrs between them all. This is what I would expect a lower tier team to be putting into the game if they wanted to make something of themselves so nothing here to suggest a easy walk for E-Frag.


Twista: 48.7hrs In the last 2 weeks

sAw: 47.9hrs In the last 2 weeks

SAGGERTON: 48.1hrs In the last 2 weeks

xseveN: 43.4hrs In the last 2 weeks

Zoree: 38.2hrs In the last 2 weeks


E-Frag: These guys have been in a mega tilted for a while but after last nights performance they really should be aiming to get back onto main form. this guys were playing uber good against TSM and really got some people sweating until TSM really turned up the heat but very few teams can handle that.

The maps that would favour E-Frag here would be DD2 and Cache for sure but I won’t repeat myself on this part.

Regarding the hours played for each team member in E-Frag it looks like they have really been putting in the hours so perhaps they feel this is the way of fixing the tilting issue is just to play a whole lot more.

I was unable to see Dreamer and Spyleaders hours as the profiles were on private.


Bubble: 53.8hrs In the last 2 weeks

nkl: 56.5hrs In the last 2 weeks

v1c7oR: 48.9hrs: In the last 2 weeks


My bet is small/medium on E-Frag I really can’t see them losing to RCTIC here in a bo3 this just favours them massively. I will probably wait to see if the odds go in RCTIC favour more but I highly doubt it. If the odds go above 78% for E-Frag I might just leave it and look at another game.


My odds for this match: RCTIC 25:75


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