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AlienTech European Cup

Best Of 3
2015/12/30 19:00 UTC

Winner Epiphany

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RCTIC vs. Epiphany at AlienTech European Cup

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Two teams I would put in the same bracket pretty much of upcoming Nordic sides. They both have had good and bad results, and are bot inconsistent on their day. I would consider Epiphany to have a a stronger map pool, but still think of the RCTIC guys as being very strong individually. The last two these sides met, RCTIC pretty much stomped them on Cache. The score in the end was close, but this was a really one sided game.

Both teams suffer from inconsistency, and as a result of this predicting this game makes it hard as both team could win on their given day. I feel like because Epiphany have a stronger map pool, they have a higher chance of winning this. RCTIC are really relying on their 2 maps to come up, and if 1 or maybe both are missing, they will struggle in this game.

RCTIC didn’t look great against kl1ck, both the last 2 maps they were honestly being stomped before bringing it back due to k1ck making a lot of mistakes. Epiphany on the other hand, looked good against mixcat, and could of won all the maps if they had a bit of luck and played out some rounds a bit differently. I think the odds for this game are about right, 60-40 in favour of Epiphany, so you could argue to bet on either side. Because of what I said earlier, I personally feel the map pool to be stronger for Epiphany, so I will go LOW on them if the odds stay about the same.

My odds for this match: RCTIC 40:60 Epiphany

Hi guys,

Thijs here once again doing a prediction. This time it will be between RCTIC and Epiphany. It is a best of 3 and the winner of this match will secure the 3rd spot on the AlienTech European Cup.

To be honest i think Epiphany should have the upper hand in this match up. They looked really good against MIXCAT. They almost beat them. They could’ve won that match since they almost won 3 maps against them. I think this match will come down on the maps so i decided to write em down for you who i favor to win a map.

Cache should be in favor of Epiphany RCTIC beat them on it before but still favor Epiphany, Mirage is really really close in favor of Epiphany as well, Cobble should be go in the way of Epiphany, Dust2 should be in favor of RCTIC, Train is 50/50, Inferno is a little bit tricky we don’t have info on this map for RCTIC so i would favor Epiphany but it could be the otherway around, Overpass is the same as Inferno but this time i will favor RCTIC.

At last it will come down on how the players will preform. We saw Epiphany play yesterday and they looked really good. This match will be decided by the maps and how the players preform. Since i feel like Epiphany has a better map pool i would favor them to win this match up. This match is extremly high risk so a skip is better for those with a small inventory.

a LOW bet on Epiphany is the best thing you could do here.

This might be the last match of 2015. I wish you all a happy 2016 and hope we can make some amazing skins in 2016!

Good luck!


My odds for this match: RCTIC 45:55 Epiphany


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