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RGN Tournament

Best Of 3
2016/01/17 22:00 UTC

Winner YP

RCTIC vs. YP at RGN Tournament

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League: RGN European Open II

Round of 16


RCTIC is a full Finnish team, one of the better ones to come out of Finland and a top 2/3 Finnish team (coming after MIXCAT/ROCCAT). This squad of 5 has been signed on to RCTIC since early September 2015 and have probably been playing together longer prior to being signed.

Their Round of 32 match has had some controversy, as they did lose it at first butt he final result had been overturned as the opponent team was disqualified for cheating. This was on /r/globaloffensive a day or so ago. As a result of the suspension of 3 players from the opponent team (known as the Oakland Raiders), RCTIC were given the win by default and have now advanced to this match.

Team YP

Team YP have played fantastically over the last couple of days in the IEM Katowice Qualifier. The standings can be found here: and as you can see, they have 6 wins under their belt with no losses and that by itself is pretty impressive. This is a great lineup full of CIS talent and upcoming names.

Coming back to the RGN league though, they won their Round of 32 game against ‘NeverGiveUp’ 2-0 with 16-13 on Cobblestone and 16-8 on Cache. Obviously YP could’ve done better and won more comfortably but a win is a win regardless.

Final thoughts and advice

Team YP are no doubt the more skilled team here, but the question here is, do they care about this league? The RGN EU Open II has just a $1,800 first place prize ($3,000 prize pool altogether) while they could be focusing on something more important – Katowice Qualifier for example? RCTIC were already knocked out of that and now have this to focus on.

YP will win if they try, but playing 6 matches consecutively and also trying hard to win and they could well and truly be burnt out. I would give it a low bet on RCTIC regardless of what the odds will turn out to be.


My odds for this match: RCTIC 40:60 YP

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