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Quickshot Arena

Best Of 1
2015/12/10 18:30 UTC

Winner FSid3


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Reason vs. FSid3 at Quickshot Arena

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This is the new Reason lineup featuring 5 semi-pro players from Denmark. These players have been sailing under the radar of most bettors and I personally would consider them to be T3 players.

Reason is an alright team you could say, but definitely nothing too impressive. They rarely play official competitive matches with their last match being against RCTIC on the 12th of November (match result was a loss for Reason 14-16 on Train).


S1mple is rostered on to play according to HLTV’s match page for this match, and this really is something I didn’t expect considering that F3 and s1mple have a lot of negative history together. Since DavCost’s departure early this month, a player that goes by the name ‘Shara’ has been filling the shoes of the fifth man and with him, F3 have done pretty well.

S1mple used to play on F3 many months ago, but him and the 4 others had a falling out. When he left, a lot of members of F3 spoke out saying that they were ‘relieved’ and called s1mple ‘toxic’ and was generally not a pleasure to play with him. Since then though, s1mple has changed his attitude a bit (him being on twitch and the community focusing on him has helped him to mature), so I’m fairly excited to see him play with his former team mates. Not too sure what the general vibe will be though, which is a bit of a risk.

F3’s matches this month have been mostly wins, except for one defeat to CSGO.ONE 1-2. Other than that, F3 have racked up wins against Rebels (twice) and HS.GG (Dosia’s new team).

Final thoughts and advice

This is a BO1 here, and honestly anything can happen here. I strongly expect F3 to out aim Reason here BUT there are some risks to this match which I think I should lay out.

-R8 Revolver. As silly as this may sound, this new pistol is very overpowered at the moment, and if used right, it can literally take down a whole team of fully bought players. It doesn’t take an extremely skillful player to use it, which gives me the thought “What if the whole Reason squad have been practicing exclusively with this gun?”.

-S1mple’s history with Flipsid3. This is the first match in months that we see this lineup reunited. Back in the day, they had great results together and the double AWP setup with S1mple and WorldEdit was something to be feared. I’m not sure what the synergy with s1mple and the team is now though, whether it is negative or positive or how they’ll work together.

I’m skipping this match. Revolver is a scary weapon at this stage. S1mple scares me and my skins as well. Tilts easy, but when on point, he’s unstoppable.

My odds for this match: Reason 20:80 FSid3


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