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AlienTech Invitational

Best Of 1
2016/03/18 20:20 UTC

Winner 3R2L

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RedLine vs. 3R2L at AlienTech Invitational

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Another team people never heard of, 3R2L, some of their players might be somewhat familair as some played for k1ck back in the day,  JUST is by far the best player on the server, he’s the only player who was actually good at k1ck as well and more or less carried them. 3R2L also have one of the best IGLers in Portugal with AIm, he has some nutty calls and with his calls and the fraggingpower on 3R2L’s side, I’m gonna have to give them a slight advantage. We saw RedLine against AlienTech and they lost 16-3, they weren’t that promising and looked rather weak, they couldn’t win any aimduels and their CT side wasn’t good, 3R2L should simply win this one. Gonna suggest a low bet on them as it’s still a BO1.

My odds for this match: RedLine 35:65 3R2L

Not many of you will know these 2 teams, so i will explain a little. RedLine is a new team with young skilled guys. They have practiced Terrorist side, and good teamwork on CT. They were called uPGaming.hellfive before they left that organisation. They haven’t really got any great results in the past and i’d say they are a tier4 portugese team, but if its BO1 maybe they can surprise us with a win, against a better team.

3R2L are just a top mix, with good aimers. Panda played before in a Danish team called QuietPlease and they’re pretty decent to be honest. The other players played on before that. n0rx is the brother of FaZe fox, so I think fox helped to him in practice. AIm, unfortunately, doesn’t have good AIm like his name but he’s the best IGL in Portugal.

Top mix against a tier4 team in BO1, its SHOULD be easy for 3R2L. Risk is medium because as I said its BO1, and i dont know how but with big luck RedLine can take it. Odds on 3R2L very good. I feel it like 16-6 in favour 3R2L

My odds for this match: RedLine 20:80 3R2L

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