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2016/03/10 18:30 UTC

Winner Refuse

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Refuse vs. CL4NLESS at Rising Stars

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These teams faced each other on lan a few weeks ago, although CL4NLESS did have a different line-up there. Infact, their line-up was way better than it is right now. Anyhow, Refuse won that BO3 2-1. They lost 16-13 on Dust2 but did win 16-14 and 16-1 on Mirage and Cache which seems impressive. CL4NLESS’s best player at that lan was MOLSI and he won’t be playing in this one, Oskarish was also playing at lan but he won’t be playing this one either.

Feels like a win in favour of Refuse considering CL4NLESS lost with a better roster than they have now and with MOLSI not playing for CL4NLESS who was basically their best player. This is going to be a BO1 and CL4NLESS do have a chance Dust2, Inferno or Cobblestone as these are their best maps. If Cache is the map, then Refuse should take it fairly easily, If Mirage then it might get a bit close but Refuse should win in the end. Let’s go with something low on Refuse and hope for a good map.

Low (5%) on Refuse

My odds for this match: Refuse 60:40 CL4NLESS

Refuse is an upcoming team. They won against nEophyte 3-0 recently. 3weeks ago they played against CL4NLESS (ex-ImperialDragons), and they took it 2-1. I have a friend from Refuse, and they’re practicing with the team almost everyday, and if they have free time they’re on aim map to keep their personal skill level high. They have 100hours in the past 2 weeks, not like CL4NLESS who dont practice enough in my opinion. Team Refuse get ready for that BO1, their main map is Cache. CL4NLESS left imperial Dragons, after that they had 2 official match against QuietPlease and Epiphany. They won both 2-0. Its good result because the Epiphany strong team, but IMO if they’re not practicing enoughRefuse should take this.

Low (5%) on Refuse


My odds for this match: Refuse 62:38 CL4NLESS


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